Thursday, September 18, 2008


A couple more shots uploaded for my gracious blog visitors.
The National Palace of Malaysia (Istana Negara)...(click English and National Palace in the portal page) is where the Kings and Queens live and hold official royal functions, such as Celebration of the Coronation, King's Birthday, receiving Foreign Dignitaries and other government official appointments.

By the year 2007 this Monorail Track was officially used.  It was a brainchild of one well known business lady who had put up the proposal ten years before the project was finally off the ground with a staggering cost.  She had passed a legacy of an idea for the public to access places at higher speed, she started the ground work, she negotiated and finally she passed on and succumbed to her cancer in the year 1996.

A monorail on its test run in one part of the city

The National Museum situated on the opposite side of the Le Maridian Kuala Lumpur.

Country's first Hanging Bridge ever built.

That marked our day was coming to almost an end and I shall shut the shutters of my little hand cam now.


To the faithful driver aka Hafiz, my third son, I shall say thank you for a safe drive and for taking me along to yur City Campus.  If I might add, the red and white sticker on the top left hand corner of the screen was Hafiz's  'Pdriving  licence '.  The day the "P" was matured, one year old, he wrote an sms to me:
"Mummy, you can remove my "P" today...I passed the test alredy!"
Mummy boleh buang dah P tu
"If I remove it, where could you find another "P" to write in your assignments?"
Kalu Mummy buang, Hafiz nak cari P kat mana bila nak tulis?

"Oh, there are plenty elsewhere that I could find"
O, carilah mana-mana! 

Hahahahahahahahhahaha...that was my son.
OPS!  There goes..little Amir Harith is awake now....

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Laura said...

Great pictures! I love the big leafy trees.