Friday, September 5, 2008

DONE! Part 2

a little fiasco with young banana plants

This afternoon-visitor seems to know exactly where to go once they are in our compound. The banana plant(s) seemed to be its favorite spot. Notice the young ones are being felled to the ground. The soft tuber seemed to be its food for the day.

AND once DONE, it turned its back on me and climbed up the fence towards its sanctuary...atop a huge tree...(I forgot its name). How convenient indeed. This happened after a few days of torrential fall (beginning of pre-monsoon season), when they could not find food.

mmmmmmmmm..........turning away from me?

This is the National Electricity Board substation situated just outside our compound...and our back yard...

Look at this, it acted like nothing had happened down there...climbing away innocently from the ruined plants...

All the happenings just took only a few minutes. BUT never mind, they must be very hungry. The lone monkey did not come alone, mind you. There were mummy monkeys, baby monkeys, daddy monkeys, brothers and sister...also came along. They were hungry...before I could snap their picture, they left in a haste when they sensed my presence from my bedroom window... SEE, I live with the nature in the heart of a newly announced City Of Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.


Came the hooligan group mentioned in much much earlier apparently daring one, went up straight to the young and unripe fruits, tearing it off, skinning and putting it into its mouth. Suddenly, spitting out and onto the ground it got. Bitter, but of course it tasted bitter.

I just looked on, holding my little cam and wondering how many of those bananas would survive after all...

in action. caught red handed...ops! nope. it was gray. so it got away once done!

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