Saturday, September 6, 2008

DONE but this is not PART 4...

Harith's little notes ...Mr.Multi Tasking
aka Harith

Oh dear, what shall I tell Mama and Papa when they get home later? The living room has become my battle field. Any gaps I could find, I am sure to find comfort there...I am not seating on the cushions.

I am deeply thinking what next to do after falling in between them... This blurry image is my granny's fault...not handling the cam correctly.

I could do with biting this's comfortable and chewy. My faithful friend, monkey is waiting for its turn to have a bite. But this monkey never went rampage in Granny's yard. He is too well behave.

The next Granny's room ON her bed...another battle interesting one. See here, what I have my hands on. Don't tell her though.

I am busy trying to open this laptop. ( He is not aware that Granny is taking a shot at him ).

Oh dear, how to open this laptop? Granny is not around, perhaps sitting on it would open? Urh, urgh, urgh, urgh! It sure is a load of hard work.

HA HAH! Caught in action am I? And I too caught Granny in action ...taking pictures of me. I just wonder what I am to say to Granny. I am not so sure if I am supposed to be in a state of shock at being caught or just pretend not knowing or think what I have to do next.

Okay, I give up! Give up! I am unsuccessful to get it opened. This puzzle is better and its the easiest toy I could vent my frustration on... the not-so-big-puzzle becomes my favorite due to its lightness and easy handling.

Papa's face and Mama's eyes...all printed on mine...

Granny is busy taking pictures of the invading monkeys in her backyard...she ignored me totally. Look at these tears, they are real you know. How could she, snapping away while I am crying. Its not fair. This was the day when her bananas was seen plucked and eaten away in Done Part 3 or 4...

Okay, okay, okay..............I am really done and out.

Deep in my wonderland after such a HUGE battle, from Granny's bedroom to our seating room. Apparently I conquer them all. I have a few more battle ground which I am not telling ya. BUT I am not a fallen hero here...Just tired, feeling full and falling asleep.



azahar said...

That's what boys are all about, playing around till out of energy.

So don't expect Harith to be quiet and stay put in one location when he is awake.

But he is lucky to have a Grandma like you!

RoyalTLady said...

I am lucky to have him too.

It enables me to understand better and see how a baby grows...

After all its what's called A LABOR of LOVE and it is FARDHU KIFAYAH.

I truly found pleasure in taking care of him and I have the luxury of sharing his life, almost full time.
Alhamdulillah syukur.

GrandmaK said...

i visit via The have lovely and darling pictures!! Thank you! Cathy

RoyalTLady said...

HI Cath,

Thank you for dropping by. Great to have met you. I fell in love with The Duchess's cats.

Then through you, I hopped into other bloggers...blogs. They indeed made my time worth spending by reading and getting to know so many people at the touch of our finger tips.

Cheers. RTL

Do come sweet of you.

Aiman Amani said...

Dear Aunty Royaltlady,

Ramadhan Mubarak! Haven't heard from aunty for a while. Harith is so cute. I'm sure he enjoys singing his favourite nursery rhyme...

ingcy wingcy spider
climbing up the spouk
down came the raing
that wash the spider ouk.

Harith may want to try some Bubur Lambuk Kampung Baru. I have some 'mouth watering' pictures of bubur lambuk.

By the way, mum made some rojak betik before Ramadhan. It was very good but she said no rojak betik during Ramadhan... thanks for the recipe.

RoyalTLady said...

Ramadhan Mubarak!

Hi there young lady,

Ya, its been quite quiet up your end...sometimes there were interruptions with the internet, thus my journeys were cut shot.

But each time you have new posts, I took notice, also in Ahmad Ali's.

Glad your mom did try the recipe.

Harith beginning to wriggle his ticklish body when I sang him ingcy wingcy spider...he is 12 months today.

see you soon.

RoyalTLady said...


Every 12th of each month, Harith's age, he is not actually 12 months yet...

Mistyping there...sorry Aiman.

Do drop by again whenever you see new posts, ok?

RoyalTLady said...


Two Big bones from Kurau salted fish
5 Grilled fish (any flesy fish)
Assorted village vegetables (pucuk paku merak, pucuk cekor, pucuk manis, kangkong, daun kesom, dauh selasih, daun kunyit)
OR for westerners...could use mixed vege instead of all those mentioned above.

6 garlics
1-2 big red onions Or
8 shallots
4" ginger - sliced thinly
1-2 Tabsp black pepper (if you like hot, add more)
4 cups rice
4-5 Tabsp fish sauce to replace anchovy sauce
2- 3 cups of thick coconut milk

1. Prepare vegetables. Wash and soak in salted water till ready to use.
2. Debone fish and blend with water. Not too fine though.
3. Blend together onions and garlic.
3. Prepare porridge. Clean rice thoroughly. Boil with salted fish bones till cooked.
4. Add item 2 with coconut milk.
Discard salted fish bones.
5. Mix well. Add fish sauce and black pepper.
6. Add vegetables.
7. When vegetables are cooked, serve.

enjoy your meal!!!!