Friday, September 5, 2008

DONE! Part 1

Both of us were bewildered! What sound could that be from our roof top? Oh, oh...not burglars we this broad day light. Harith's Mama rushed downstairs to look for some clues . Hurriedly she came to me and said

"Mummy, there is a red motorbike in front of our house"

"Okay, that sound comes from the roof top, go and call the security guard, quick .Tell him there is an intruder on our rooftop", I ordered almost whispering.

We dare not go out and investigate who it was on our roof. A while later, the security arrived on his motorbike and he was heard talking to Tasha.

Meanwhile, this other "person on the roof" was heard pushing and shoving away things from the roof. True enough! Good grief! Would you believe it, he actually swept away the dried leaves stuck on our roofs. But, he did not even ring our door bell from the gate (which was opened since this morning when my second daughter and son in law left for work). This actually is trespassing...

Anyway, after he came down and clarified with the security guard and my daughter, we let him finished his task. He was sent by this contractor, whose task was to take care of our rented bungalows. But he was not having a "sound and correct state of mind", when he arrived, he parked his bike and climbed onto the roofs.

This picture was taken in fright, half not believing he was actually a worker, the other half just narrowly escaped an afternoon heart attack...he was just inches away from me. I was in my bedroom then...pushing the cam through some clothes hanging there.

We reported of roof leek much, the intelligent Malaysian contractor says,

"Remove the dried leaves that clogged up the tiles and there would be no leeks no more!!!!!!!"

Lets see then...Happy@Home...if you want your leaking roof mended do call this contractor to come and assist you...Y? Because, it worked! Yes IT did, when another torrential fall came again that afternoon, not a single drop of rain water fell through...

Another happy ending...episode :-) to be continued in the next post...

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