Thursday, September 4, 2008


Do you have Skype?
I have heard of it before!
Do you have earphone?

I took out the microphone from the casing
Putting it on, AND?
What next?
HOW do I plug in?
Look for it
What? WHERE?

I WAS holding the laptop, upside down
Down and UP again...all around it
WHERE could I find the holes?
I WAS holding the little...
"pink and green" little plugs in my hand

I AM not sure what's the proper word to call them
FINALLY, I found where to push them into...
BUT! WAIT! which color goes where?
OH OH, there are some icons there
DO They match the ones on the "pink and Green" thing?
YES, YES, YES they do!

Okay, I have got it...
Call me, he said from Hong Kong...
HOW? I asked in the chat room
Tap the one on top
WHAT on top? Which ONE?
Hahahahahahahahaha came a big laughter

Then I saw the dialogue box
Accept or Decline
I tapped on "Accept"

He wrote, "I could hear your voice"
I wrote, "BUT I cannot hear you"
THEN suddenly I remember...

The volume...was turned on
How happy I was to hear his voice after almost a year
Only once, I heard his voice
In MAY, it was, YES May, it was

I talked to him over the phone for an hour....
Not my phone though...
It was a common friend's hand phone
So I did not pay the bills

I was actually giggling away at hearing his voice
and for my talk over the computer!!!!!!!!
....though late it may be

Anyway, he is still in Hong Kong
Not coming home yet...
Probably soon, perhaps not so soon

BUT tonight, I have achieved something new...
Though perhaps the last in this family to use earphone
On this computer

WELL at least I am still up to date
and not ignorant after all?
FAIR enough, hey granny blogger...

It's thundering now...up there...yes, now.
AH is deeeeeep in his sleep downstairs

I am going to have a good sleep tonight...Successful!


Ginnie said...

You sound like you are much more adept at computers and all the trimmings than I am. I am still amazed that I figured out how to start and continue a BLOG.
Also, I am honored that you think of me as a sister, Emy.

RoyalTLady said...

It was, I should say...owing to luck and determination to DO it...

So, I sort of got round to get it through trial and errors....

TQ that you "accepted" it.

azahar said...

Dear Ginnie,

Over here in Malaysia, it is common for us to address someone older as Sister (kakak), Brother (Abang) or Auntie (Mak Cik) and Uncle (Pak Cik), Grandma (Nenek) and Grandpa (Datuk), depending on age difference.

Children adrress their father as Abah, Ayah, Pa, Walid (different versions of Malay of Arabic) and mother as Ibu, Mama, Emak, Umi (different verrsions of Malay or Arabic). To address them or elders by their names is considered rude.

Even wives address their husbands as Abang. The latest trend nowadays even girls will adress their boyfriends as Abang and some to the extent of Papa!

a.afiq said...

pe sy nk ckp ni cm len sket dpd tajuk blog aunty ni..
jst wanna say thnks to u 4 allowing D to c me,n 4 blievg me to met her..
thnk u so much..

slmt bpuasa..

RoyalTLady said...

Well Afiq,

She was with her dad then...I knew about the Quran she was giving you, otherwise I would not have let her going over....

Ish malu anak dara buat macam tuuuu...

Anyway, thanx for letting me know here. Actually, I wouldn't mind if it was in college...

Where this is concerned, I must say, I am very conservative...

Don't feel offended though...
PUASA tak?

Selamat berbuka, bersahur dan mengerjakan amal soleh.

RoyalTLady said...


You sure have lots of ideas, to have wonderful topics and to write so wonderfully in your blog.

Have an enjoyable weekend ahead.

:a.f.i.q: said...

time tu mmg dh sush nk jpe..
i told her,just pass the quran to abg hafiz,bt she still wnts to gv it to me by hand..

sy dh ckp,x yh sush2kn diri bcs the actual plan is im the 1 hu hv take the quran from at tht very time,she didnt go back home..i was home n tak bleh dtg,kte org jpe kejap je..less than a minute..

hope tht i've explain well enough to u hw does it hppens..

n,its ok..i undrstand why u r so protctive to ur daughter..dh name pn ank dara,kne la jaga..

thun ni insyaAllah nk dptkn puasa pnuh..

ilal liqa'..

RoyalTLady said...

ok Afiq,

Aunty understood.
Thank you for this clarification. Appreciate your honesty...

Nak acah je tadi, tengok kecut tak perut yg tengah berpuasa tu...

I knew you were in my blog when I logged in...

Baju raya dah beli?

a.h.m.a.d.a.f.i.q said...

u got me..

baju melayu utk raya dh siap bulan 6 dlu lg..
dah lame siap..
tp kalo yg baju casual belum lagi..
bru beli baju,sluar utk pegi mesir nnt..

aunty dah beli ke perabut baru,sofa baru,langsir baru,meja baru?


RoyalTLady said...

Caught YOU!

Aunty ni raya tak main beli2 serba baru ni...itu org kampong je buat kot or people with too much money to waste...hahahaha...

I buy things that served their purpose and long lasting. I use vertical blinds instead of curtains. No need for new sofa because we live in a fully furnished UM quarters.

Baju baru may be if I have some money I would probably buy, otherwise, there are still plenty of old clothes looking as new. I don't wear baju kurong as much, so they are nicely kept in the wardrobe.

Enjoy your weekend.

aHmADaFiQ said...

btol tu..
mak sy pn ckp cmtu..
kerusi kt rumah sy tu lg tua dpd abg sy..
dh 23 thun tp x tukar2 pn..

kalo sy,nk beli2 baju ni tgu offer jek bru bbaloi beli..
lagi2 dah nk raya ni,msti ad sale..
time tu bru beli baju,sluar..
kdg2 sy beli kt kedai bundle aje..
tu yg pnting..

aunty kerja dkt UM ke?

RoyalTLady said...

Ya, your mom is right.

NO, I don't work in UM but Kak Tasha is working there...UH.

So time to go isn't that long, eh? Prepare dah semua barang2 yg nak di bring along?

Eloklah masa sales ni beli ...

-a-f-i-q- said...


i'll b leaving around 2 weeks after raya..
it just around d corner..
clothes is no the real problems there although it wud b winter masa sy nk dtg tu..
dkt sana nk beli brg2 dapur yg sush..
serbuk kari,rempah2,penumis,asam jawa,kicap..

igt nnt nk bwk budu,belacan,tempoyak bnyk2 la gi sne..
bru selera sket mkn sejuk2..

RoyalTLady said...

Amboi! Afiq pandai masak? Semua2 rempah tu nak bawak? Budu tempoyak n cencalok? Cht, cht, cht, mana boleh bawak. Lawak betol la Afiq ni...meletop botol tu dlm plane.

Pandai masak ke Afiq?

@f!Q said...

yeke boleh meletup?
kang kene tgkp jadi terrorist plak nnt..
masukkn aje dlm bekas,xpn botol plastik..
nnti tak la die meletup..

kalo beli yang serbuk kari ke,perencah tomyam ke,kn ade cara nk masak kt blakang tu..
so,ikut jek la..
afiq reti la masak sikit2..
dulu penah kerja dekat kdai makan..

senior ckp mmg xd jual bnd2 tu kat sane..
kicap pn x same ngn sini..
sos pn sos tomato je yg ade..
so,nak tak nak mmg kne bwk la aunty..

RoyalTLady said...

Yang penting, kalau ada masa:keringkan seria, lengkuas, halia and daun kari. semuanya ni berguna. flavor dia akan keluar bila kita masak.

Try lah makan past n roti pulak. Oh patutlah pandai masak, pernah kerja kat restoran. Bread (mesti ada varieties kat sana) could be eaten with meat, chicken.

grilled chiken recipee
1 whole chicken - clean
1 clove (whole) garlic - blend or tumbuk
4" ginger - tumbuk or blend but don't add too much water.
4Tablespoons Oyster sauce
1 Tbsp. sesame (minyak bijan) if ada
4 Tbsp Honey
Salt to taste

Marinade (perap) for two hours. If you have oven, bake for 1 hour or till cook. Checking if cooked before time. OTHERWISe, cut up into 4 sections and put them on a non stick pan and cook without oil.
Eat with rice or bread.

Don't forget to eat with carrots or any raw vege.

(a.f.i.q) said...

thank you aunty..
susah2 je buat resepi utk afiq nih..
nnt sy salin..
sy dlu keje kt restoran tu jage cashier je...
tak selalu masuk dapur pun..
tp penah la..

bt ur recipe is very useful...
thank u so much...
i've try to make ayam tandoori before this tp tak jadi...
nanti nak try resepi aunty plak..
aunty ad blaja masak2 gak ke?

RoyalTLady said...

Recipee tu trial and error punya style.

Kalau tak de santan, afiq use fresh milk or yogurt. bila guna yogurt, jgn guna asam jawa lagi. to get good result, curry powder and onions ect. masak lama2, it should be tastier...some people letak dlm minyak je, main sentuh2 terus letak santan and fish...

Indians, masak lama tau. Ayam tandoori tu kenalah perap lama...overnight dlm fridge...

"afique" said...

thank u so much aunty..
bnyk nye aunty bg resepi..
insyaAllah sy try nanti...

ayam tandoori sy tu sy perap kejap je..
dlm 4 jam je..
time tu dah pkul 2 bru teringat nk buat tandoori tu..
rase nye takde sangat..
ade bau je..