Monday, September 15, 2008


This pictures were frozen in time in the year 2006.

Some cloud formations in the KL sky vs a reflected image of the photographer aka ME. Hafiz was driving the MPV. We were on our way to the UTM City Campus to collect his belongings at the beginning of his semester hols.Notice the calm and serene blue and white sky of a beautiful city in Malaysia.
The building with a triangle roof is our HQ of Bumiputra Commerce Bank Ltd.     PWTC (Malaysian Putra World Trade Center) .The closest is the  Daya Bumi Building      Menara Dato'Onn aka UMNO building. that is about 3 orginally housed PETRONAS offices which was the heart of the national revenue. 
The Dynasty Hotel and the old Pilgrimage Council Building are still standing tall and prominent from our vehicle. The traffic was scarce when city folks were laboring themselves productively in their offices.

The Cultural Palace's (Istana Budaya) beautiful building is partially hidden by this great poster. Next to it is the Blood Bank with the huge "blood-drop-logo" in front. Stood tall on its side elevation - left is the prominent building owned by a lady owner, Marinara (Marina Tower). Opposite is the Cheriborne Tower.

The famous and tallest building in the world, The PETRONAS Twin Tower that housed the most prominent oil company in Malaysia. The tall KL Tower on the far right entertains diners with a revolving restaurant. The segmented structure in the next picture is a close up of PETRONAS TT.

As we drew nearer, I managed this shot - side elevation of Marinara with a Samsung DG advert on it. Next to it is the CELCOM Tower. It is only about two kilometers away from the City Campus.

The sky and this tree was captured while Hafiz was busy packing his belongings in the hostel nearby.

On our was home, I managed to take shots of similar buildings from the opposite direction.The KL Tower stood tall and unique on its own.

Just managed to capture the roofs of the Cultural Palace (Istana Budaya) Art Centre Of Kuala Lumpur, amidst the greenery.

The unknown Tower from the side elevation. The PETRONAS Twin Towers in the sky.

As we took a sharp bend, the roof on fore view is the Malaysian National Muzeum.

This circular building is called The Mesin Niaga Tower.  It was once an office  of the IBM  of Malaysia. It won an "Outstanding Architecture award".
I may upload more pictures shot on our way home that day...


ahmadalikarim said...

Dear Aunty Royaltlady,

I like to ride in Abah's Citroen Evasion too but I like Pontiac Montana more. But I only ride Pontiac Montana when I was in America. I wrote about Pontiac Montana in my blog. Please send me comments. I also wrote about Junk Food and Healthy Food in my blog.

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RoyalTLady said...

Anakanda Ahmadalikarim,

I have your blog link in mine...don't you worry dear. I do visit your blog each time you write some new stories. It pops up in mine...Of course I saw you riding in Pontiac... You cute little young boy!

And please link me (RTL) into your blog as well, ok?

I was (so to say) the third Citreon Ev.owner when they first arrived in Malaysia. The first went to Dato' Marina M, the second a meroun color went to another lady and the third which was (unfortunately) a show room unit went to RTL aka me.

I had it for nine years since 1997. Just a reminder to CE owners aka Ahmad Ali's dad...if I might add, on the fifth year the "electric circuit" that looked like a transmitter, went off. The next to go would be the servo pump which cost a bomb. As years went by the maintenance got unusually higher.

Undeniably, it was a luxury and comfort to drive!

Karim said...

Kak Emy,

You must be using the 8-valve Evasion. Mine is the 16-valve manual (2001) and clocked almost 190,000km now. So far all your warnings are still perfect - Alhamdulillah. But I had air-cond compressor, cooling coil, alternator, ball-joint and absorber replaced.

My Bro. Kamal is using a similar one as yours (Green-1997).

Yes, "Undeniably, it was a luxury and comfort to drive!" None of those Toyotas, Nissan etc (of similar range) can beat except those similar continental ones.

BTW Anisah also wrote about her father's Citroen Evasion and forbid Ali from writing as she already booked the topic!

Thanks for writings lots of comments at Ali's blog yesterday - he was really busy keeping track. I had not a chance at all to sit in front of the computer yesterday.

Karim said...

Dok dang habis lagi ...

That triangle roof building looks more like PWTC rather than the "Bumiputra Commerce Bank Ltd" and the building next to it is UMNO building and don't think it is Dayabumi.

And the advert on Marinara is of Digi not Samsung.

The photo below the caption:
"The unknown Tower from the side elevation."
- it looks like Maju Holding/TH Perdana towers with Maju Junction not seen - but cannot figure out the black building behind it.

And the award winning building is Menara Mesiniaga - not IBM (IBM was in TTDI then and now moved near One-Utama. But Mesiniaga was IBM distributor then.

Mintok maaflah nyibok!

RoyalTLady said...

Thanks for taking your time to correct my wrongs. I was thinking we drove through Jalan Bangsar and saw Daya on earth I could ever imagine seeing the HQ of BCB, I wouldn't know...

Thank you anyway...for coming to the rescue. Dok nyebowk stabowk eh. Molek aaa ggitu rather than letting me giving wrong facts to other bloggers.

GREAT! So father and son are fighting over the computer, eh? Better buy a new one for him...He is great for a five year old. Did you read there? He asked me to write comments in his blog?

Actually, the day he had his blog done, Aiman wrote in my comment columns. I have linked into mine... So cute of him!

SO, my CE, it was a show room piece. I actually had it on the 30th December 2006. That was why the problems rose earlier than yours. People had already abused it before I bought it. Yes, those mentioned items were changed as well..but the electrical circuit was difficult to detect. The servo pump had me almost out of car for a month if not for my old classmate, lending me her Mercedes.
Several mechanics I went, could not find the spare part. At last, one Jalan Sulaiman, Ampang (ooooooof I have forgotten his name-the good guy)came to the rescue. He ordered the part from Senawang and had it done within a week of taking the CE.

After that, in the year in my next insertion....

Karim Omar said...

Oh - you went to Das - Taman Putra Sulaiman (x-Citroen of Taman Wahyu). And that is just behind my house and actually facing Wan Yusof (Noor Kumalasari)'s house. Next time for service - give me a call - if I can be of any help.

But there are a few more x-Citroen's mechanics around KL (I think there is also one in PJ - will check with a friend who send there). A pair of Malays x-guys from Taman Wahyu HQ workshop now operate one in UKay Perdana (where I send mine now), one in Batu Caves/Selayang also Malay guy (I used to sent to - but Ukay Perdana is closer).

My brother send to the one in Gombak - also x-Citroen Malay guy.


Karim Omar said...
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Karim Omar said...

"So father and son are fighting over the computer, eh? Better buy a new one for him..."

BTW - we have 3 desktop PCs at home. But only my notebook is connected to the Streamyx. So they can only access internet when I am home or if I leave my notebook home.

So normally they would write on any of the PC and later upload onto my notebook.

Had installed a wireless LAN at home to get two of the desktop to internet - but dok jjadi - tried nok pasang sendiri. Dok ngopong! Need to reconfigure. When? dunno.

"He asked me to write comments in his blog?"

Yes, he is always excited when there are comments - and especially he got quite a number today and yesterday.

RoyalTLady said...


DAS, it was. He finally helped me and saved me from the turmoil. He was introduced by my x classmate in school. Her hubby regularly serviced their vehicles there. I thought it was Jalan Sulaiman. Yes, near to Wan Yusoff's house. SO, you lived there too?

There is another one (Malaya mech.)Tanzin Mech. it's called, in Subang Jaya...towards Puchong direction. Thanks for the offer. But now I no longer drive CE...did you get to read The Tears BUt No Hair Cut?

That answers that. I guess I was the unlucky one to have the unit with early major problems.

RoyalTLady said...


I actually got the date mixed up...I bought the CE 30th Dec.1996 and sold it off June 2006...

Nyanyok do oh nye doh.

RoyalTLady said...

My daughter use Belkin to enable all the laptops in the house using wireless.

How did she do it? I guess I never found out how. But Belkin has its life time guarantee.

Kesian AA...No wonder I noticed him uploading his posts in the early morning hours...

Karim Omar said...

My house is actually on the other side. WY is the apartment facing Das's workshop. Mine is the other side towards Kg Pandan side.

Read the sad news. But the offer still valid as people say that once you drive a continental car - you will always prefer one.

A friend who also lives nearby sold his Evasion and got the brand new Honda CRV (the current model) - and regretted after that.

RoyalTLady said...

Thanks for the offer. Hyundai service center which we frequented is quite close to our place.

From the huge machine, I started driving Accent...its simply fantastic. Very stable car even at 160... I did this when I was alone...without any loads.

BUT of course Evasion was the best for long distance travel. Unfortunately it was not friendly while climbing the Karak highways because it was manual. It hurts specially in such a mssive festival jams.

pu3 said...

hi there..still use evasion? i just own evasion 97..really cool ride..i need to change the cluch coz it a bit hard..some say i need to replace with new version..that will be more soft..can you recommend place to buy spare part

RoyalTLady said...

Dear pu3,

Have you tried looking for it from the authorised dealer? I am no longer driving an Evasion. No more children to send to school.

A good and reliable mechanic that I cud mention named Das in Jln.Sulaiman, Ampang. He gets spares from one Senawang Auto Dealer.

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