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Thank you for this life, Ma
And for patiently bringing me up
To be what I am today (a responsible, caring and reliable person)
They were those hands that fed me well
Dressed me up and sent me to school
Those soft gentle, fine hands did everything
For my sakes so that I grew up

To be someone you wished me to be
Someone useful to the society and community at large

I was a year old when I was living with you
Soon after...almost 10 days later
My late father passed away peacefully...
He died young at the age of 30 plus
I was his favorite child as I was then the youngest
At least that was what I was told

Life went on normally and I grew up
In this house of memories
(only visited it on the 3rd of May 08 recently)
With much care, love and affections showered
And much more received in return by Ma
My! I was ever so grateful to her

The first day to school was "no need to accompany me"
I went alone and paid school fees
Went about the school as though I knew too well
Late evening, returned home
Feeling lonely! Very lonely

Then I began to make friends around the house
But it was only at a certain time of the day
I could go out and play and make noise
They were all older than me
Bigger in sizes too

We played among others ...
"Maing geng" was jumping in square boxes
Threw your dice and jumped
We drew lines on the ground
Of fine whitish grayish sand

"Congkak" was another traditional game
Burrowing holes in the ground
Putting stones or marbles in them
Arranging one by one in each hole until finished
Those people who got the most marbles
Was the winner of them all
Not forgetting though
ALL of us won black finger nails afterwards

Then came the separation
After primary six I went to a boarding school
I now knew too well she missed me so much
And of course, I missed her as much too
I only went home during the school holidays

Each time after the school holiday was over
I would sit quietly at the back of my classroom
And cried of homesick...
She would always send me off and packed me her famous
"Spicy Rice with chicken or beef"
And not forgetting my favorite canned peaches
That allowed me to share with friends

After completing secondary school
I was home for a few months and working temporarily
Then it was time to leave again
To further my studies

Fours years after, I was wedded
To my children's father
Time to leave again?
This time our separation was final!
We lived in England while he completed his studies

Then, One day in the summer
It was mid August in the year of 1981

Barely 2 weeks before we came home
For a short holiday
News of her demise shocked me
Through and Through and through !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It came through a normal mail
After a week she went away...
(no further comments here why through the "normal mail"...I never understood why until today)

On arrival to this empty house
Once I used to live in
I went to my dressing cupboard
Discovered many things that touched my heart greatly
A pair of diamond ear studs were obviously meant for me

Among other things found was a "baby linen set"
She had apparently stitched them up with love and care
Embroidered them for her first grandchild, Tash
They were neatly kept until today
Amir Harith (her great grandson) first used them on his Aqiqqah Day

I had always kept them well after each laundry
And used them to each of my new born
Then kept away with as much love and care
As her greatest love and care for me
Had always been

Very recently I dreamed of her
Laughing away, grinning away
Looking so well and full of zest
May Allah Bless her soul with Rahmat
And allow her to be
Where each of us wanted to be most...

Ma had sacrificed so many things for me
The most cherished was her never ending LOVE
Ma I have never stopped praying for you
As your love and affection to me
Never lingered on and on
So deeeeeeeeeeep inside me

I treasured YOU in my life and dreams
Thank you for the life you gave and shared with Me
Words just failed to express further
But my heart had all to say from deep inside of me
Your are the only and only Ma I had
Not two not three
Thank you and Happy Mother's Day

These flowers were borrowed from Karin Frozen In Time
She really have great shots that interprets life..TQ

This flower seems to tell
All the children, grandchildren and the whole clan
All locked and securely bunch up together
In the loving and affectionate arms of a Mother
Very caring and protective mother
Seemed extremely
well sheltered


RoyalTLady said...

tonight's posting gave a lot of problems while trying to publish and of course the paragraph template failed again, towards the end of this poem.

RoyalTLady said...

Assalamualaikum K.Teh,

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO YOU and to all your family members who they themselves are mothers and of course to your MOM. Lucky you, still having her around, to share what went through in life that she had not went through.

This is not a belated Mother's Day wish, as I considered Mother's Day is everyday of her life with her children, siblings and her spouse.

Please read my blog on Mother's Day at

Hahaha, I too got the chocolate (as she said the only affordable item to bring home?)from Geneva. Beebee , TQ for the constant supply. Nak lagi? Miss going to Sri Hartamas for cofe' latte after solat trawih with our children...

We shared the MD's celebration over here at our house with Pizza that was catered, marvelous durian cakes from Za and a delicious chocolate cake from Amir Harith to his Mama. We had three generations of MD's celebration, believe it or not?

KT, sorry to take up so much space in this blog of yours which I constantly visit to enjoy reading.

azahar said...

So very very touching indeed. It is true what they say: A mom can take care of her 10 children, but those 10 children cannot do the same when they grow up and the mom grows old frail...

It was the same with my mom...

This was told by my mom's friend many many years ago - it depicted how great her love for me..Once when I was in SDAR, I told her that I was not coming home for that particular Hari Raya...She was so sad that she didn't prepare any special cookies for Hari Raya...

Then out of the blues, a friend told me that he was going through Kemaman and he was travelling aone. So he asked me whether I wanted to go home or not. Like a sleepy man being offered a pillow, withough much thought I accepted his offer...

I then called mom telling her the good news--I was coming home after all..

The minute she heard that I was coming home, she immediately went to the nearest shop to buy things to prepare for the Hari Raya...because of thet my siblings were often very jealous of me..

Thanks mom for're the best mom forever..


RoyalTLady said...

True as you put it, 10 children wouldn't be able to take care of their mom, the only one mom.

BUT one mom could manage the whole lot well enough through poverty or richness.

One mom,

when sick would be shipped/ferried to another child's house until her turn finished.

Then draw lots, whose turn would be next? Aaaaa the big brother...what would the pretty wife say? Why don't you just ignore and let our younger brother takes care of her this week?

This lots take turn
to turn this poor and ONLY mom in town to another house

Where do you think this mom end up?
Into the youngest of the siblings?
You think her husband likes it?
Not at this house either!

Poor mom, old and frail mom

One day
One kind young man with a golden heart
Walked past her old wooden house
Took her to the hospital
Seen to her welfare
Fetched her home and took care of her

This man with a golden heart
Was a rare bred not to be found anywhere...

Guess who might he be?
YOU? Your son, your brother? Your grandad?

A total stranger who was well brought up, obeyed his mom, obeyed the rule of nature and the rule of ALLAH. Be good to your mother till her dying day...

I wish I have this kind of children one day.........Insyaallah.

Same wishes to all bloggers who read this writes

Anonymous said...

Pretty face
Fair skinned, small spots
Lashes of the eyes
Looking unreal like those false ones
But they are real well curved lashes

Through and through
Lines after lines
Words after words
Carefully read and assimilated

Slowly, gently, flowing those pearls
Like they are just cut loose
from its string
Flowing down those pretty face
slowly, slowly, slowly
Then freely and faster

The obvious sign of a soft heart
Touched by the purple words written
With care to this person's mom
Who in turn was this young lady's granny
It's me...

So, touching Ma!
YES! It touched my hearts
It touched my feelings
Deep inside it touched every corner
of my heart and soul

It was so beautifully written

And I have the same feelings as you do towards your mom, MA. ILY too.

RoyalTLady said...


How on earth did I miss this comment before? If not for this free time I have to browse through and everyone of my post... I would not have discovered this truth and surprise.!

Thank you it was beautifully written too my sweetie pie!

You have a flair in writing too... keep it up darling.