Friday, May 30, 2008


YES, I am, tra la la
Who could challenge me?
Ever so excited when something went
Unchallenged by my kids
Of course they are all so very advance
With IT and all those jezz
Mummy would always be left behind
In most related IT matters...

BUT this time, Mummy was left unchallenged
The only Blogger in this family of six
Ops plus Amir Harith, now becomes seven
Granny blogger, eh?
Used to be a freak before...
But not anymore

Tra la lala laa laaaaaaa la la


Bebee said...

Ehem...hello! Got challenge...Meet Nyang Blogger! Tra la la la la!

RoyalTLady said...

Forgot totally about this young Nyang blogger...of course, but of course we started almost the same time as we were busy with Wan Hulaimi's GUiT in December 2007.

Tralalalaaaaaaaa La LA!

The young ones in both our families have not taken our challenges yet, ay?