Sunday, May 18, 2008


This Ganzia was borrowed from "Frozen In Time" by Karin...
The Brightly shone Ganzia is like "My ever glowing loves to my undying and a never ending LOVE"

It is like a torch that lights up my life
Shining through and through like my children do
So beautiful, so well mannered, so dignified, so faithful

So strong
-looking , so protective, so sincere...
So transparent with a heart that is pure

Thank you children for being there for me
In times of sorrow
and happiness and for sharing my LIFE
You are the reasons to live, to withstand
To survive and to be strong-willed
You have always made my days
And many more moments to come

May Allah The Almighty Bless each and everyone of you
With His Hidayah, Taufiq, Redha and Syafaat
Lead you to the right path endlessly, till the end
Guide you to be the children with strong faith, loyal, Soleh & Solehah
To be better Muslims who are responsible and honorable

Thank you my beloved children for the beautiful card and beautiful messages written, coming from your sincere hearts. I have yet to upload of the cakes, pizzaz and dinner hosted by all of you for me, young Mama and Chu B. Thank you TashaRizalAmirHarith, Zaza, Hafiz and JJay for being there at the dinner for the Three generations of Mamas.
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To ALL Mothers

Happy Mother's Day
You have been very strong and versatile
To have lasted up to now in style
And able to go through all those while

All the tests, success, problems and short comings
Have surfaced your inner force and hidden ability
You were more dignified, honorable, wiser and stronger

To strengthen the family ties together

Enjoy life while you can


azahar said...

Still remember my mother running here and there, between our house in Kg Injin Gergaji and Zaidan's house (the house is no more there, demolished) to make sure that I arrived in SDAR on time.

A couple of times the trip was cancelled at the very last minute because of the flood.

Mother also had to go to SK Pusat to get my scholarship form and had it signed by the was carelessly torn by me when a cup of tea wet it...

Father was away in Teluk Intan, Perak and mother had to do all by herself..

Still vivid in my mind how efficient mother was controlling the little money that we had when we were small, but we never ran out of food to eat and pocket money to school...

Imagine the nine of us consuming 30 gantang of rice monthly, many many katis of tepung gandum..

To find extra income, she diligently prepared rokok pucuk, jahit atap, buat baulu, putu kacang, sagon bakar, bangkit etc etc...

For that and many other altruistic deeds, Mother I love you very much and pray that Allah will forever bless you...

RoyalTLady said...

How touching. She was so full of sacrifices. Where are your other sibblings living today?

Hard work, efficient financial management, caring and very responsible indeed.

She indeed deserved all your love, affections and constant prayers. Is she still around?

May Allah Bless her (forever), you and your family too.

RoyalTLady said...

Assalamualaikum K.Teh,

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO YOU and to all your family members who they themselves are mothers and of course to your MOM. Lucky you, still having her around, to share what went through in life that she had not went through.

This is not a belated Mother's Day wish, as I considered Mother's Day is everyday of her life with her children, siblings and her spouse.

Please read my blog on Mother's Day at

Hahaha, I too got the chocolate (as she said the only affordable item to bring home?)from Geneva. Beebee , TQ for the constant supply. Nak lagi? Miss going to Sri Hartamas for cofe' latte after solat trawih with our children...

We shared the MD's celebration over here at our house with Pizza that was catered, marvelous durian cakes from Za and a delicious chocolate cake from Amir Harith to his Mama. We had three generations of MD's celebration, believe it or not?

KT, sorry to take up so much space in this blog of yours which I constantly visit to enjoy reading.

This message was written for Kak Teh's Choc a Blog...and copied here to share with my visitors.