Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Not only "The Tearful Little Queen" shed tears in this household...but almost all of them did for one, similar and ONLY reason...a hair cut that shed tears. Ahah! Believe it or not? Yes, of course, I believed it.

Since small, as Tash put it , mummy cut my hair. I could hear her telling Dr. Kate (the cute looking, energetic and warm chiropractor whom we befriended since 1999) this morning at 10.30 a.m, 21st of May 2008...from the changing room I could hear this confession came from her, which I could clearly hear because the distance was only 6 feet apart.

During the treatment, Dr.Kate said, "You have a short hair? I took a peep at it just now. Do you mind?"
"No, not at all. But if the scarf is in the way for you to do the treatment, I could take it off so that you could do it in comfort" said I.
"Oh No, it's okay. I could see that you like your hair short" continued Dr.Kate.
"Yeah, this time I cut it myself (it took me a couple of days of cut, "snip and repair" to get to this length). One hairdresser in Section 14, P.J charged me RM 45.00 (after discount), and another hairdresser cheated me when I went for Henna treatment. She applied on me, refrigerated henna which never worked on my hair. All I got was free treatment of 4 hours (if I am not mistaken) for sitting, steaming, touching my hair and applying "dead" henna!" I complained.
"You know, there is another place that charges only RM 15 in Tesco. My friend who lives in style and very intelligent too, just went there with her hair wet to get them cut. She saves a lot" informed Dr.Kate.
"Yes,we have this lady who owns an old hair dressing salon in Section 17. Her charges is quite nominal too, RM 16 or RM 17 only", I went on to compare notes with her.
"OK now you breath in, breath out", Dr.Kate said after a few minutes of disrupted treatment.
Suddenly I heard Amir Harith waking up and making his noisy conversation outside. I started to giggle. Imagine someone giggling while lying face down, trying to breath in and breath out? Of course Dr. Kate could visibly see my body moved
, not relaxing and not properly doing the breathing as instructed.
"Why are you giggling?" asked she, while she stopped a short while.
"O, I suddenly remember what
Tash said to her baby a couple of weeks back...Harith, do not ever let Wan cuts your hair, else you end up crying like me!".

I have not done anything yet to his hair. After this picture of Amir Harith was taken( he was only 33 days then) a week later or so, we had Aqiqah done for him and he was shaved bald. I am telling you that I have not had any parts in this, honest. The thinning patch you see in this picture was not my work least not yet!

Then I told her the story of my children having hair cuts, sometimes ended up in tears and sometimes just a dry smile (in case you know what this means, just keep it to your self). All the four have experienced hair cuts by their supper duper mom. Surprisingly, the one who cried most, still have the confidence of another hair cut as recent as a fortnight ago. Ha, ha, ha! As she continued to tell Dr.Kate, I heard this complaint, " You know, she would first cut as I told her. Then gradually, she cut shorter and shorter and refusing to give me the mirror to look at. That's how the teary hair cut started. But of course, Tash. The hair cut still went on until a fortnight ago!

Barely a month ago, I cut D's hair which was so long and fluffy. It ended up, as she put it, looking like the sixties. So, her top looked like a cake, she said (I am giggling now as I am writing this part). To make her feel better and not to show her protest openly, she constantly put on a clip. I learned from her sister that she asked her for a "repair" hair cut at the Section 17 salon that I mentioned earlier. I do not know why (probably the money factor) they have not gone there yet. Perhaps they might just go during this school holiday break...which is only a couple of days from now.

Amongst the visible "cut" that I made was on
Fiz's hair. It looked so easy to cut boy's hair. But as Dr. Kate admitted this morning, she too had made a disastrous hair cut on her friend one day. It seemed so easy, she said. But as she went on, one part became too short which was impossible to repair and by the time she finished the whole hair cut was just...tremendously desastrous!

My hair cut on Fiz was not that serious. It was only one patch that was cut shorter than the rest. It normally happened near his hears...which was admittedly difficult to hold and to cut. Anyway, his hair cut last week, as I noticed when he came home, was also "shorter" on the same patch as I used to do before. Only this time, he paid the barber to get it! Never mind, other people's mistakes are easily forgiven, but not mom's, eh?

Dr.Kate said,"Later they would say, It was okay mummy! But it may take years for your to hear this words spoken". We both broke into laughter. Since I was her first patient today, I hope I have cheered her up as she did unto me. Of course, Amir Harith and Mama came along, just to keep me accompanied. Thank you both.

Layer cut! Was for Za. She did not complain but put on a sulky face after it was done. A clear show of protest, a silent protest.
"Make it thinner mom, make it thinner!"
"Yes, I am trying to but we have not got that special scissors that snipped from the inside part of the thick hair", I answered her. Lately she went to the Section 17 hair salon to have her hair layer-cut.

Okay, finished, done with the hair cut. This super mom had tried everything to please her children. Of course she is not a trained hair stylist but she is creative. She had carefully watched how the hair dresser back in UK cut her hair. This way snip, that way snip. Easy did it. So when her first born was three years old, she tried it on her. From the waist long hair, snipped, snipped until the shoulder length. Ow, no wonder she cried. She had loved to wear her hair long. It was some fine and soft long hair. Before she started her primary one, mom persuaded her to have her hair cut too.

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