Sunday, May 18, 2008


Amir Harith is simply the "something new". This picture was taken when he was 34 days old. Most times, he is not bothered where he sleeps, on Wan's bed, Mama's bed, the settee or in his cot.

Now the "something old"...This picture shows the heavily laced white cotton cushion cover that belongs to Wan. It was a gift when Nyang B bought other stuffs together with some toweling items.

The something new here includes Harith's blue and shite T-shirt and also one missing white mitten....Perhaps Harith has accidentally dropped it on the way up into Wan's room earlier on.

This hand-made blue bed cover was 10 years old this year, in September. It was from Sogo when it first arrived, believed to be from China and it was presented to Wan by a close friend. Some patches got torn over the years and Wan was so patient to have them well stitched up again. It was fairly used as a blanket by Cik D whenever she comes home from the hostel. Last but not least, the brown and white looking blanket. It is actually a cover to a "sleeping bag", belonged to Mama when she was a baby. Wan had carefully stitched it when she was in England. It has matching pillow covers. It is almost 28 years old. Some stitches were recently discovered undone but Wan has not done anything to it yet. Could you imagine that sometimes Mama put Harith in the pillow covers and use as blanket when Harith was so little.
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