Saturday, May 24, 2008


Lara, here's another of your story that you shared with me that I am going to publish in my blog today.

EM, Do you remember the moments... during a visit to one prominent organization many years ago? I was wearing black and white blouse over my favorite "Emanuelle" black slim fit trousers?

Before we arrived, I received this phone call that sounded very officiating and very unconvincing about my performance. I was eager to meet the caller and to prove him I had the right instrument to do the job well. The demonstration between our "job" and his company was compared side by side. Obviously, we performed well and could convinced the management that we were more professional as compared to his company.

We managed to get the contract for a couple of years until one day, our services were no longer required. Somehow, they were sufficient to support my growing children's needs. At least, food were found each day served on our meal table and moneys given to spend during breaks in school.

Meanwhile, friendships developed, probably out of pity, sympathy and probably empathy. Years went by until I decided to live with my children with "minus one' left behind and carried on with our separately lives. He constantly helped with my daily jobs, tenders, handling of workers and sometimes picking up children from school. Needless to mention, sometimes advices given, emotions and angers shared, frustrations and disappointments that went down the drains being told. I had somewhere, someone to share and compare notes with. Was a great relief then. Thank you to that.

Sacrifices made. Times shared. Nothing was ever asked in return. It was all receiving and receiving from him. All the helps were sincerely given to us. Believe it or not, Em? You better believe me.

Then one day, came riding this Prince Charming like a Knight In Shining Armour on a black horse. I have just discovered him in his adult life (knew him a long time ago before we finished our college) and we exchanged contact numbers during one of those nights at a gala dinner in the city center with the royals,
dignitaries, and all.

Two years later, one night, I received a surprise phone call. Coincidentally, I also had the intentions to contact him for some tournaments that he might be interested in. The "current" flowed and the calls came ever so constantly for the next three months. Almost every hour he would call to ask what was I doing and to inform me, what he was going to do next, next and next. He was and still is employed in one of the prominent set up in the country.

My, oh my! Was I not flattered and riding over the moon? The first task done by him was to break my friendship from this old friend. That sent this old friend down and down the memory lanes. Blood pressures went up, reasons were not given, calls were not answered.

As fast as the horse came into my life, it took the same speed to disappear. I was dropped like a hot potato. The moments on cloud nine just disappeared like how the wind blew, I had a free fall!! Moments seemed fleeting away. You cannot see any thing but you could feel its existence being ripped off and died almost instantly. Day dreams were gone. Hopes were shattered. Almost every bones stopped functioning, times stood still, moments frozen in time, heart was torn into pieces, minds came twirling and emotions were erupted like volcanoes. Woosh! Could I take this moment alone? No, of course not. It was shared with my children. Thank you children for being there for me to share my sorrows.

Two friendships were broken within three months? Could I take it? Could I manage it? All was fated to happen. Thank God, I managed well enough and after some weeks of brooding and lying low, I got up and put my head high, started walking tall again. So What???? I was lucky to escape the tyranny and "unseeing" episodes of this so called, gentle, caring and loving person. Beneath him was only God Knows what! As they said it "Blessings In disguise"

But like any modern adults, when I bumped into him some years later, I still could talk and walk together with him at a function without any feelings of vengeance. His deeds, saved me from the worse ever "enforceable acts"...which I could not describe to anyone had it happened to me. His two previous wives had suffered in silence because of his attitudes. Apparently they "left him for good" to continue his "prosperous life" like any royalties.

May 23rd 2000, this old friend came by and visited me. It was indeed an extremely surprise visit. He was telling me about his family life, how his children have lived in success. He ran into difficult times in his business too. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I was confessing to him that I could not even help him in his time of difficulties. BUT those days, when I ran into difficult times raising my children single handedly, he was around to help. He did not mind it at all, after all. What a true friend indeed.

Waking up the next morning, I found myself in tears, real tears that I have not shed for so long in many years. They were flowing even during my prayer time. I got very emotional indeed. That was the most difficult moment of my life. I felt something was missing from my side. Emptiness surrounded me. He was no longer around. He had returned to where he belonged and I am still alone here after decided to be single. Those friendships were treasured well in my mind and memories.

Thank you to him, EM. My children would not have lived comfortably under a roof of a semi-detached house and went to school in an expensive car driven by me had it not been for his extended help. Although I put in great efforts to raise my children but his presence helped too.

happy father's day to him.

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