Tuesday, April 15, 2008


School days meant rainy days
No matter how brightly shone the sun was
Or drizzle or rains or cool cloudy days
No matter how early or late we arrived
She would surely be in tears

For this little queen of hearts
Every moment in the car
On the way to school was ever so worrying
No one really knew what the matter was
For only this little queen knew

Trot, trot, trot
Both mummy and little queen walked
Up the steps under a huge tree
Few more steps, soon they arrived
Into her classroom they got

Comfortably seated with her bag on the chair
Mummy left with contented heart
To the parked car under the tree
Soon to find this little queen
At the same time arrived beside the car

Wow! Fuming mummy got, under the hot sun
How did this little queen raced with her
Crying and crying wanting to leave
School was no fun!
Or! Something must have bothered her

Persuation under the scortching midday sun
Was deffinitely no fun for mummy
Fumes and sweats running down fast
Still the little queen was uncooperative
Mummy had to climb the steps

Up they got into her classroom
This time, she was even cleverer
She let mummy leave with happy heart
But the next victim yet to expect
There she stood outside another classroom

Crying out loud, looking and searching
Abang Hafiz was the next victim
Embarased as he got
Trot, trot, trot, out he got
Little slap on her face he gave

What! The most patient person?
Had given a slap in her face?
Oh dear, what's the matter be oh dear
What shall the matter be oh dear
For "D" had cried in school...

Such episodes lasted for eight months
Year one was really tough in primary school
Oh, but that was not all

Year one in the secondary school
Earned her another nickname
"Ning Yatimah" was the most fitted name
For my queen of hearts
Each time she went into the office

Words were locked in her mouth
Tears flowed freely down her beautiful face
The teachers knew too well each time
She arrived to inform her

Congratulations! By the fifth year
This queen of hearts was rewarded
With the Best Student for Co-cariculum
Despite those tearful days


azahar said...

Tears flowing freely is no stranger to many people, me including...

When I was small, I never cried out loud, not for any reason. Tears just flowed out of my eyes, be it when I was happy, sad, or even angry..

Tears flowing more easily now...what a sentimental guy...too easily disturbed perhaps..

Watching hindustani films would always result in tears flowing...

I remember tears flowed profusely when I saw the lion cubs approaching their owners looking gaunt and skinny after failing to catch any prey in Born free...

Never mind the tears...

RoyalTLady said...

Tears? Who wouldn't have it? Everyone has including little kittens.

Some parts missing, tears flow. Some people missing, tears flow.
Some sad stories told, tears flow.
Some touching dramas watched, tears flow.
Some simple notes scribbled, tears flow.