Wednesday, June 4, 2008

THE 80 cents EXODUS

As soon as the news was announced about the petrol price hike, everyone scramble out with their vehicles and queuing up all the way to the petrol stations. I did not go out. This house has five drivers, so I need not rush out and join the crowd. The station nearest to us was only one kilometer away but it was congested and at a stand I was told.

So, my two children maneuvered themselves to the one about two kilometers away. From the clocked-out time of 6.30p.m., they have just clocked-in and returned home, hungry and thirsty at 10.30p.m...Real exodus this time. The whole period on the journey to the nearest petrol station, was nothing more than switching off and switching on their engines at every half an hour interval. It simply would not move! so I was told

I could not imagine the jam on the exits to the pumps and anywhere nearer to the station...but I could imagine town folks cutting queues and blowing their horns at their own free wills.
this fact I am sure of, so no need to be told..

BUT dear readers, do not be surprised, there are those who do not even bother to go out and fill up their tanks to their fleet of cars...they would find their time tomorrow and comfortably filling them up one by one.

AND where was little Amir Harith all these time? He has also left home round about the same time as his uncle and aunt did. Did he go and queue as well? YES, of course he did. He went to UMMC for his regular injections. He is almost 5 months now. So, surely the paediatrician would have given his mom some panadols to take home just in case...
so, as much as I might have guessed


azahar said...

I received the sms from a friend, Dr Razali Manan about the imminent petrol price increase at around 5.00 pm. I asked him was it real or just a rumour. He answered back that there was nothing lost if I were to fill up my petrol (gas as the Americans say) tank now.

I was waiting for my daughter at the Kuantan bus station. She was supposed to arrive at around six.

She called her Petronas friend and her friend confirmed what I was told.

I rushed to the nearby petrol stations...but all were badly jammed...even the ones in I gave up the idea of saving a few bucks but having to experience the long wait...

It now look that I have to change my lifestyle. Commuting daily to and from Kemaman is no more viable, at least to my purse...I have to look for a room in Kuantan..

Things will be more expensive from now on..the electricity tariffs etc..

Adjust I have to..

RoyalTLady said...

Well, YES! That would be most appropriate and reasonable for the time being. People up there do not see what happened to our pockets now. There are bigger holes from now on to be seen there.

What to expect from now on? Only the know-who & the know-how knew!

I am almost jobless now, still looking for jobs though small but things would be more expensive I am sure. like you said. Business would be harder to find now.

Anyway, some circles do not feel the pinch, the less fortunate would certainly get the feel.

Karim said...

Ambe antara yang dak berebut gi isi. Duk nunggu dengan enjin jjalang ... kat sejam dengan jam merata ... dak padang.

Ubah cara pemanduan lebih baik kesan penjimatan dari isi minyok ppenuh untuk sekali. Rancang perjalanan (terutama elak waktu jem) dan mana hok dak perlu dak payah keluar.

RoyalTLady said...

KA, TQ for dropping by my blog. Its really honoured having people yang beno2 jarang nette ke blog ambe ni...

Ya, you bet...tu la sebabnya KE tak keluo berato malang tu...just let the young ones go out.

Ya, Go slower, jangang brek kalu dok perlu, jangan meleghek ngggatte kalu takdok keje peting, jangang dudok doktong lama2! Kalu buleh, car pool aje. Kite ppppakkkk mitok subsidi kerajaan teranung nowk? mitok untok nok wak beli muto.