Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Friends not-from-afar
They came they invaded
That’s their nature
We were forced
To cooperate which is better

First they were
A whole lot of sixty
Would you believe it???
The trees looked like
Being blown by hurricane
When they jumped
At once I knew

They gave me the creeps
At close encounters
They are harmful and
Went wild when provoked

After Hari Raya
I ignored the sms
Mummy, close all windows
Was the message

While ironing some clothes
The noise came
From you guess where?
The dining table

There were three of them
The generals
Sitting comfortably on it
Tasting the sweet and beautiful tarts
Messing about in all parts

I was jumping and shooing
Much to their amazement
So? I have another relative
Living in this house too?
Was what they say of me

Then one day the big group broke up
Probably the men from the Environment
Took the law in their hands
Less than twenty kept coming
Sometimes I fed them
With dried dates, apricots and figs so many
Now they become my acquaintance
But never could get close

They even managed my bananas trees
But, never mind…

Although a few hours later
After this photo shoot
One middle tree
Was severed of its top
As discovered
It was newly emerged bananas

But never mind…

They are still my friends
They needed food to eat
Which I could never give
Help yourselves to treat
Dear monkeys
That’s all I could offer

1 comment:

RoyalTLady said...

Today, as I am writing this little note, the banana trees you once saw in this upload were almost not there anymore.

They were vandalised, conquered and sheared by the regular visitors. They came in large numbers, playing atop the garden light which now broke its neck, swinging on soft pokok pecah lemah which sent all of them bending to the ground and dropped things that were neatly stacked in the garage.

Each banana tree would bear its jantung at one time. That too was eaten before we could see the young fruits emerged.

Anyway, they mulitply too fast for the Jabatan Perhilitan People to do anything.

They remained as out most regular visitors here.