Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Childhood left me with fond memories
Of this special plant
That twirled on a square wooden stilt
Giving out strong beautiful odors
Particularly in the night

They attracted many visitors
Sometimes they took some home
Putting them on their pillows
Mum would put in the coconut oil
To shine through her lush black hair

I drove through one lane
Noticing the small leafy crawling plant
That stood lush and tall
In someone’s compound
Thought of asking for some
But the owner was no where to be found

Then one day I took another drive
To the place I once lived
Stopping by the gate
Ringing the bell of this owner
Out she came
And I instantly asked
If those lush leafy and crawling plants
Belonged to her

Then she disappeared
Out again with
Cutters and bags

I cut them in small stems
Waiting patiently for the shoot
Some died while under probation
Too few survived to share

Once they flower
The joy was my pleasure
Five petals some times four
I would surely put them
To my nose and say

Alas! I found this plant
That I have not seen for many years
They give out superb odor
That filled up my bedroom


Azahar said...

Crawling plant with fragrant flowers? Can't think what plant it is. Could you tell me what plant it is?

Fragrant flowers I knew are tanjung, melor, kenanga and chempaka. But none is a crawling plant.

RoyalTLady said...

Doc, there I took pictures for you but tonight two went missing...

The snails must have had dinner with them...if not supper!