Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Gift of love and affection

Open my eyes what would I see?
Lots of green tall and short
Big and small of green sea
Just outside my windows
I noticed Allah’s creations
And the gift of love and nature

I loved plants, trees and greens
Even stumps, huge or little
And the overgrown roots
So gigantic

He knows it all
That’s why my bedroom
Is next to the plant, trees and all
The shoots come in red, orange and lighter green
Names were there
But I did not know

Only rubber trees I recognized
Young and old grew
Outside my bedroom window
The rest are unknown except for keladi batik

Gifts come in many forms
If you have love and affection
They were sent in many ways
Like living next door to you
Or being planted in your pots
With colors you never imagine

Through many forms
They knew
That’s why they were there
Some were sent
Like plants of medicinal values
Appearing in my pots
Or even on the ground
As gifts of love and passion

missing pictures? to be replaced later....


Azahar said...

I remember getting into a heated debate with my late second uncle (pok sepupu) from Kg Ibok (I wonder if you know this kampung).

He was questioning the law banning the shooting of tigers.

I spent many hours looking into the Quran finding verses that support this ban.

At last I found one. It says man is created to uphold the equilibrium of this Earth. I showed to him and then he accepted my reasonings.

We have to look after our mountains, forest, swamps, rivers and oceans. They are there for many purposes - all for the benefit of mankind and animals.

But many abuse these wonderful gifts of Allah for their own, selfish short-term benefits. Trees are wantonly cut just to get cash. Swamps (the natural unbeatable air-conditioner) are filled up to build houses. Hills and mountains levelled for the sake of development. Rivers and seas polluted in the name of industriaisation etc etc.

In US and many other places that I visited they build houses right smack in between the trees. I saw a huge chestnut tree in my professor's kitchen. I asked her ( agorgeous blue-eyed Irish lady by the name of Denise Bounous) what if the branches fell down. Her answer surprised me - I'll repair the damage! On the other hand, in Malacca, the entire hill was stripped naked within a week just to build the Governor's house on top of it!

TLady said...
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TLady said...

Yes, I know this Kampong Ibok but rarely went there.
Ya, all around us we see damages, destruction,abuse and you name it....all forms of destruction is there. They are all for the benefits of mankind, some to one individual lots more to meet the demand. But most of the benefit go to the unscrupulous "money-makers".

AND that is why even if I had "slug pallets" I refrained from using them simply because I believe they are there for a purpose and they are Allah's being. Only sometimes I get quite annoyed when they climbed up my wall leaving "black residues" ...I could have done "ethnic cleansing and mass destruction" but I have no heart to persue (spelling?) this mission.they deserved to live too.

I have plenty of plants, so they could live healthily here.

I just went to the back of my house and noticed General M has done some destruction...this time to my bananas trees.

One GM tore up the "wrapping' around a bunch of bananas and yesterday they damaged tree number three. Number two is shown with picture and described in the poem entitled "General M".

(There are PUAS people up there mending the "paip rosak" now, so, I cant' go out yet to snap pictures of damaged trees yet). They loved to "hempap" themselves on the tree top.

Those pisang raja were planted since July 2006.Since then on each visit, they simply tore up the banana stumps. It took months for the tree to actually survive and grow tall.
It just started bearing fruit last December...only Allah knows, rezeki siapa banana from this tree number one.

But never mind that,
Life, banana trees and its bananas are meant to be shared.

January 3, 2008 1:44 PM

RoyalTLady said...

Each time I tried to make my pictures "stay" where they ought to be, I had this fright deep inside me...

AND true enough, today, what I found were misssing pictures...Again???? What could make pictures "stick" to the blog?