Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Sharing most of it
I was choked
Page 333 of book Two
Sent me flooding
With tears real tears
Of the shared JOY
Pearls of the lost love
Were finally
returned...and Blessed
To the rightful arms
Its much awaited "shell"

I went through it too
With different actors
Understood the grave sorrow
Disgust, anguish, frustration, helplessness
Lost too but not for good...
Definitely tortured

While those other pages
From Book one
Bewildered me greatly
Of the unmentionable behaves
Unbelievable indeed
Left me astounded
AND flabbergasted

Though not knowing
The prescribed
In greater depth
We should never, never
Ever judge a Book by its cover

This being is discontented
Peculiar indeed
Incompetent, unaccomplished
That is all about those cells
Useless cells from protoplasm
Amoeba without brains?

After reading with much absorption
I had reflections
I dreamed of the same character
Different actor
Similar Clan
Acting outwardly with all goodness
Not a soul cursing

I narrowly escaped
Similar episodes
Which I never regretted
But feeling most grateful
To The Almighty
For saving my life
My precious life
From the gallow
Of the cruel hearted
Viscious protoplasm

J, YOUR patience pays...

Your once empty arms
Are now filled with to the brim
Blessed by more and more
The joy of having
Enormous amount of patience
IS alas
Finally rewarded

Those years they were
Not with you physically
Were the years
Meant for others
To be cared and shared
By you...
Which in return
Made you grew up
Awaken by the ........

They needed you more
No one cares for them
Except CARE....

1 comment:

RoyalTLady said...

Dear J,
Surprised. I was awaken by the replies. Thank you for replying to my emails.

It was aspiring and mind-boggling to have read your two books. Some parts were thrilling while others sent me to a long road of "wondering and full of surprises".

I wouldn't have enjoyed more than reading those non-fictions from you. They made any mothers "touched" and bewildered by the truths that were prevailed.

For those awards, recognitions and compliments you have received, they would not have been yours hadn't these "adventures" torn and turned you upside down.

I shall now leave you and them (your beloved family) to enjoy each other and face life with sunshine and roses.

It was beautiful to find someone having beautiful heart and always ready to sacrifice for others...