Monday, December 31, 2007


The beautiful keladi leaves
The sudden attraction
Capturing my eyes
Moving into action

Digging the soggy ground
Soon after each rainfall

When the pods were found
Slowly pulling them all

A few stems would break
Never mind them all
What keladi plants take
Soil, pots and all

Watching them grow
Only me and Mr.Spongy

The others would not know
Because they are busy

Watering them regularly
With water from the hose
When they turned pretty
I pinch my nose

...strange feelings struck me
what could it be?

On the day the leaves were born
The sudden
excitement grew
On the day the leaves were torn
The meaning of sharing I knew

Ok Mr.Spongy I now understand
I let you eat or have them all
You need to grow and
"stand tall"
Fly with butterflies, insects and all
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RoyalTLady said...

Learn the are of "snipping" from the huge caterpillar that bred there.

Anonymous said...

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