Tuesday, January 1, 2008


One day, two days, 3 months or 4 years
Perhaps ever since he started working
Posterior chained with a gray lock
The hind portion tide with raffia

The middle secured by a brilliant blue lock
With yellow and red colors
Pedals set to move
The strong rims stood still
Rounded and silver headed
Parked on the pathways
Faithfully waiting for instructions

Next to it stood
An equally gray structure
With bigger padlock, metals and all
To prevent from it “going off”
With desperate “Steel Stealers”

That might sell to scrap metal traders
This structure may be co-owned by MBPJ
One blue pole
Holding a square-box-of –yellow-bin-liner
Filled up with litters
And dressed up in stickers of phone numbers
Probably that of loan sharks
Because the many looked "one”

One big notice board
Stood equally still
This one
Is obviously belonged to MBPJ

It bore notices of legal terminologies
With warning words
Which accepted no apologies
Once fined, just pay

The cycle and all its pals
Faithfully stood still
But the man who owned the cycle
Would have to unlock it
Home they pedalled

The next day
It would be back
Joining its pal
Even if it rained, shined or moonlighted
Faithfully stood still
Until the man finished his task
Home they went and took a rest…

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