Tuesday, January 1, 2008


They came in many sizes
But the big ones
Are rarely found
I couldn’t afford the weight
Lifting up was too much
So I always bought
The small ones

One plant was too few
So I added another
To accompany
Later they grew

One plant was too few
Congested? Yes, probably
No, I did not hear anything
Pots are my best friends
They never spoke nor complained

Even when forgotten
Only on dry days they did
Hinted some signs

They wilted and dried up easily
Asking for mercy
So I turned the tap on
And wish wash with the shower

They grew up with me
my life and theirs’
In time of happiness and disparity
never died
But multiplied much too fast

Then one day
It was pruning time
The yellow flowers bloomed
Everywhere on the ground
And even in the pots
And the planters box
Brightened up the place

My heart cried
Never could I performed
Late evening I waited
As the flowers rolled up
Hesitantly I trimmed them away
Placed them on the ground
Telling myself
Never mind
They would surely give better
Yellow blooms in months to come

pictures that went missing from all poems would be uploaded at a later time

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