Monday, December 17, 2007


Born on different dates

WE bore different names
Given by our parents
Only one with different sir name
The other four share the same

Born on different dates
Blessed by Allah in different years
Grew up under the same roof
Shouldered different tasks
Hard tasks, multi tasks

Mom sailed the ship
All else became the passengers
When she knelt down on her knees
All of us faithfully observed
Regaining strength as we ponder
Appreciating every move she ventured

Strength and faith became one
Giving us all the lead we want
Mom never failed anyone
Raised us as Allah commands
Through rains, thunders, storms and all
With reluctance to retreat
Even with volcanoes' erruptions

Sailing in rough and wild seas
With broken mast and shattered dreams
The "waves" saved our faith with prayer
The "lights" paved the way with prayer
The "hope" hung high with prayer
Together with mom at the helm
With Allah to fall on to
All the time, precious time

With every breath it took
Mom braving the storm amidst hurricanes
Through 19.7 years of "silence"
Unfortunately too long a silence
To the unknown destiny
Through the dark tunnel unlighted
Then one last final straw, "bang!"
Broke it all...the long long silence

The eruption, the fierce eruption
The peak melted with no ice found
The mountain came crumbling down
The rocks stumbled onto one another
Filling the earth shattering scattering
Final straw broke the long silence

Mom braved it all
With waves, lights and hopes
Brought peace and tranquility...
Taught us how to live this life
To see if we stumbled..
Should we fall, up we get
Walking tall and forward we shall

With Allah's Blessings and our Faith
With dignity and inner strength
Found ourselves harboring together
To brave life and what it offered

Me and my own...
Together we sail in calm seas

picture went missing......24.01.2008...replaced 28.01.2008

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TLady said...

The Glass Painting of "Me n my own" (sise: 3'x 2.5') was presented to MRSM Grik on the day my daughter received her "wonderful gift" ...12.28.2006...PMR

Now what's left with us is this picture...but I may paint a new one later to be hung on my wall.