Tuesday, December 18, 2007


first we set
then we sail
sometimes we drift
many times we ashore
often we anchored
when the tide is low
but .......
most times
when we hit the rocks
our inner force glow
holding us in piece

towing the line...
...the family line
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Azahar said...

that was what life is all about...the ups and downs that we all had..made us all stronger, richer (not necessarily in materials) and more matured and stubborn (positively) and tough...
To God we submit...
In a nutshell, our greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall...

TLady said...

TQ for being the first visitor to comment in my 19-day-old-blog. Hahaha, look what AG has done to me, all the new bloggers...Alhamdulillah, banyak pahala AG, kita jadi pandai click sana click ssining, pah tu ilang, waaaaak pulowk. publish pulok...rasa dowk sedak, eh edit pulowk. That's what happened to me. yang simpan dlm bank draft, banyok doh. Tunggu nowk paublish je.
Mula2 malu nak publish, sebab bahasa kita tak betul mana pun, tapi kalu dok berani, bila nok mula blogging ni? In the end, challenged diri sediri.
Eh, u keje di Kuantan tu, keje apa pulak?

True of what you narrated there. We toughened ourselves through thick and thin that we went through. We endure pain, sufferings, hurts and despair with Allah's Blessings. If you think you have Allah, then you have IT ALL.