Sunday, December 16, 2007


9.30am 121507.

Got the book through personal delivery by our "Super Speed DHL -Mr.A.Karim WO" and oh gosh! WAH was also with him. Missed them both actually as we detoured our journey home into a teak shop.The book GUiT tickled me and left me in stitches. Some parts seem nostalgic indeed. It made me feel proud to be the owner of one and singed by the writer and got it personally chance or probability I don't know.TQ.Wan A.Hulaimi.

BUT one thing for sure, I really felt handicapped to write. Why? His flair in writing really made me felt I am no where with this language. However, the book gave me knowledge of which I have missed before, felt so self belonging to Teghanung especially the Trenganuspeak part.

The Book, its cover...looking: ada klah. Syabas!

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