Monday, December 17, 2007


It captured me and I instantly fell in love with GP.
When we (me and ND) arrived at KLIA, suddenly I remembered having a relative living in Kuching. Frantically looking for a number in KTrg., I hurriedly called and asked for TI's phone number. After we checked in at the Hilton, we decided to stroll along the river bank to smell the eastern air. Back to the hotel, I called TI. It was AS who picked up the phone. Apparently TI was out fetching their son from tuition centre.

When she returned my call, her voice was not the same as I heard years ago, abviously. After setting the time to meet, we got dressed and sat in the full-bloom- flowered hotel lobby. A beautiful "Chinese looking lady" walked passed. Seemed looking for someone. After a few minutes, she passed me and I said "In....?" MY! How beautiful she was. Hugging was our name of the game whenever we meet friends both old and new. We then walked to her car to meet the rest of the family that I have never met neither knew.

We had dinner at the club...ow, there goes! I forgot what they called "pucuk paku hijau" in Sarawak....but it was deliciously cooked in belacan. (today 28th Dec., aaaaa, alhamdulillah I finally recalled what's it's called...pucuk midin, as they say). Strange as it was, the stem has much less leaves as found in KL. Infact only the top most part has a little young shoot. The rest are all green slimy stem that tasted delicious in blacan. After catching up with OUR saucy stories "of the missing link - over 30 yrs", ND was falling asleep.

TI invited us for another meal, "after more than 30 years" of not seeing each other. Shidah took us to TI's house in the suburbs of Kuching.
The delicious laksa Sarawak that was served for our brunch was well tucked up. The whole house was decorated and designed by her. She took after her granny who could turn thread, cloth and needle into beautiful results of handwork.

Out on the airy patio was a small table that was filled with a sizable glass. What was it? Ooosh! Overwhelmed with the art, I was glued to the table, scrutinised her fine art work on the glass. It really struck my attention and I fell in love with it almost immediately.
She showed me her skills in Glass Painting. Demonstrated briefly how it was done, where it could be done, where to get the materials, ect.ect.ect. OK. That's it.

When I came back, I got my supplies from OU. My first book was my best friend. The paints came second. I tried painting on any glass surface found in our house. My children had their hands on them too. Since then, not only my passion grew but I was also constantly commissioned to do some GP in Arabic Khat as gifts to dignitaries. Have also been painting flowers and logos for similar purpose. My vary first GP (that I challenged myself to do) was that of the peacock on the mirror (a master piece?), not on plain glass. It was the most difficult GP to do and tedious as well. But (to me) the result was overwhelming (again to me). Other artists might just avoid a second look at it, hahaha.

BEST of all, it proved to be an excellent therapy for my mind and my soul. I was extremely pleased with the results and it was indeed self-satisfactory. But they get completed quite quickly ...unlike normal paintings, perhaps would take a little longer to complete and allow you to dwell on it. I have sizable GPs hung up on my walls that shines through at night.

**But..........I have not glass painted this picture of "birds of paradise"..**

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TLady said...

Just now I was seated next to Tuti at a wedding. We talked about how we got hooked to GP that we saw in your house back in 2000 or 2001?

She saw my Tiger Lily GP in my cam. its about 3 feet high. Well, unlike you, I couldn't tolerate small items to paint on...I wud prefer bog piece of glass where I could express my so-called-talent freely.

Tuti, It was nice to meet yu again after all these while. When we left each other, you were only a three-year-old very English looking pretty girl. And to night, you were mistakenly thought to be my daughter by the host...hahahaha.