Sunday, December 23, 2007


This painting of Tiger Lily was done in 2006


Nothing compares
With Allah given talent
Together with peaceful mind
Time, patience and calmness
The clear, colorless glass
Into masses of colors
and colors and colors
That brightens up corners

Glass Painting of "Dried Flowers" that was "gone"- done in 1999

The flawless
Allah given
Allah given
Filling up the vacuum
Of the heart and soul
And the minds of ME, you, him and them
Nothing compares

first glass painting done in 1999

Appreciate the nature and
ALL of His Creations
The flawless beauty
The wonders of the world
With hearts and soul
Reciting zikir, tasbih and tahmid
To The Almighty Allah
With praises be upon Him
With nothing compares

Selawat and Salam
To our beloved
Nabi Mohamad S.A.W
Our beloved Prophet
Showers of Rahmat and Rahim
Upon him shall bestow
Pray ...Obey him we shall
With Ilmu, Amal, Iman, Taqwa and Patience

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