Thursday, July 3, 2008


Each time school holidays begin, she would be home regardless of the weather be it rainy, stormy or sunny. Her time was absolute, her punctuality was no compromise...there she was smiling and opening her arms broadly to hug her mom whom she has left for quite a while...who would always welcome her home...home sweet home to be with her siblings.

Most times the bundles of homework given by the teachers took her away from us all. We only see her at meal times. Other than that, her time was homework's time and home tuition. But lucky me, the little lady lives just next to me. She would share almost everything with me in my little bedroom. Often I saw her sleeping early and getting up in the middle of her sleep to complete her work. So this bed mate was not so much a bed mate after all. She took a nap while I was busy working.

There was no way to reciprocate all these. Wait until her exam would be over, perhaps I would see more of her in bed at bedtime. 10 days went by and she was ready to leave. She popped in 10 days ago and 10 days later, was ready to go again. Never mind, that was the place I prayed she would be. It would be better for her and her future.

I was as much like her too. Surely my Ma would have felt the same way as I do now. I did do the same "popping in and out" of her house too...may be slightly longer period...14 days of school holidays.

Empty side of the bed would only be occupied the next time she popped in again.

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