Thursday, July 3, 2008


The child in my heart BABY no.1

Alhamdulillah. She was born on a winter's day at St.James' Newcastle -Upon-Tyne. After a week long waiting in agony, she finally arrived. A healthy baby girl was born on the 6th of November xxxx. With thin hair, skin so smooth like silk, body of any normal baby and nose slightly ...flattened (I often joke about The Queen came by and borrowed part of it from her)...

She was slightly jaundiced so they kept her in the incubator on the same floor of a different wing as mine. At feeding time, I had to walk over, cuddle her, feed her, change her nappy and walk back to my bed for some rest. I kept writing about her progress each day until she grew up. And kept writing from the hospital bed for the next five more days.

Now as I recall her appearance, her fist born,
Amir Harith is her carbon copy. A happy and bountiful baby.

How she adores her son now, was pretty much similar to how I had adored her as my first born. Looking at her chubby face, her smiles and her chuckles, had really taken all my worries away.

My office mates in the Citizen's Advice
Beaureau, (Jane Brunwin, Dorothy Moss, Ishrat and Manjit) had earlier given me their grown children's clothings and sheets and jumpers and all. So they really fitted her well. My adopted mom, whom I called Mom Estelle of Jewish nationality, sent a big present when we shifted from Leeds. Mother-care brand helped a lot. It was not as expensive as found here. Then the National Health Services gave us tokens for free milk. Along came other benefits as well.

At the age of three, I was so eager to get her into a
kinder garden. I had to travel on a train to a place called...(ops! I have forgotten what it was called) but it was about two kilometer away from Lake Shore, Cramlington where we once lived. She was so upset to be among the strangers and cried when I left her. But was eager to go each morning when I dressed her up. It was most probably the train ride that must have excited her.

Then one day, the lady next door told me to register her at the nearby center. Is there one nearby? Each morning, we would walk along the paths in snow covered grass and watched the "smoke" coming out as we breath. Other neighbours joined us too. The school was only a few minutes away. I was so innocent that I did not ask Linda who lived in the next block of apartment about any school nearby.

There was this cute spiky haired boy whom I had nick named him GW. Tasha was amused by him. He could not sit still in class. He was probably Hyper-active. He has so much energy to go round and stack up the chairs and kept getting busy all the time.

Not long after, we were leaving and home we came.

Kinder garden in Kajang was different from the one previously attended by her. But here, we have our relative, Cik Gu Wan Hafsah as the headmistress. A very familiar figure because she lived just 4 doors away from us.

By this time she kept a very long, fine and black hair. It was well kept but by the time she was going to the another
kinder garden, I had to persuade her to have a shorter hair. She was ever so reluctant about it. The first historic hair cut with tears was witnessed by me, her younger sister and ME of course.....the hair dresser!

After completing her primary one, which she remembered so well about her early morning going to school by a van, we shifted yet again to another place. Each morning I took her to school and fetched her from school until she completed her primary six. Her secondary school was also in the same zone.

Then it was time to leave for a boarding school which was the same school attended by me and La Vie en Rose...At once she became our super duper junior. Since then we only met her on her school holidays.

Once she completed her secondary education, she was in UM for her Metrics. One and a half years later she was in UH
pursuing her degree in medicine. After completing her degree, she started working in the same teaching hospital and three years later she was married to Amir Harith's father.

Although she has grown up since, there is a little part in her as a Child In My Heart...

She has been so thoughtful and helpful to us all. Making sacrifices anytime the need arises to all the members of our family. She has what I called, a wonderful heart, a heart of gold and a wonderful thought for everyone. She is very rich at heart. Thank you Tasha for being there for us all...

Moments shared with you were those tearful moments of our lives together. We talked and shared tearful memories and wiping tears together..........AND together we shall live until the end although it may or may not be under different roofs. You have my kind of heart, a heart that is full of determination, guts and strong will power. Alhamdulillah.

Joys of your successes were equally shared by us all. Laughters, smiles and joyous moments also with tears...were shared. Congratulations. You made it through and through. Now you already started having a family of your own, thus it is now your duty to raise a happy family with Iman, following the True and Right Path...Insyaallah, Allah would show you the light and ways because you have such a beautiful and wonderful heart!

May Allah Bless you with a Wonderful and Blessed Life. I hope you would become a successful Muslim female doctor, a happy wife and mother. THANK YOU for all your kind deeds. Only Allah would repay you.

I LOVE YOU TASHA for being a wonderful daughter.


Bebee said...

My dearest Tlady,

You are a wonderful mother. Through thick and thin, through laughter and tears,you have been a wonderful mother, a pillar of strength, the force that cement all of you together. The four jewels of your heart is now showing their glory, like the jewels in a crown. You may not have prayed for a crown but whatever you have been praying for, Allah yang maha Agung has been listening AND granting, has never stopped listening and granting...Alhamdulillah.

You know I love all of your children like my own. I will never forget how the Lady Downstairs came to be my nurse when i broke my arm, sacrificing a major part of her holidays just to keep me company, almost absorbing some of my pain, physical and otherwise.

Now we have to stand-by her as she manoeuvres her life, pray and keep watch, help all we can and counsel when asked. For like all mothers, each and everyone of them will always be our baby.

RoyalTLady said...

Thank you for your beautiful piece …>bebee. AND most of all Thank You for being there for me through thick and thin as well.

It sent me thoroughly through teary eyes which almost blinded my visions while reading those legible beautiful writes! Dontcha worry it was not a serious crime when you made my eyes flooded.

The first paragraph of your writes also... simply and equally applied to you!!!!!!!!!! We went through almost similar episodes and having four huge jewels on our crown. Remember the "dito,dito,dito?" at one a.m., ten years ago within the horizon we are now residing?

The rest were already in your mind, heart and soul... and yours in mine.

They too have done so well. Congratulations to you too for being such a wonderful mom to them all. You deserved all the beautiful words and appreciations from them all.

May Allah Bless you and answer all your prayers. Amin.

Anonymous said...

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