Friday, July 18, 2008


Amir Harith was asleep.

I quickly turned on the laptop and wait for its time to click away the keys on the key board. Its like racing. Yes, its racing against AH’s sleep which is most times could be unpredictable. Granny, A Blogger! I was busy the whole time today, writing comments on Dr.Azhar’s blog “Nature Lover”, who was my classmate in Standard six whom I have never met since. Hence, I do not have the slightest idea of how he looks like now and then – after standard six that is. It took almost all the time of AH’s sleeping time at 9.00a.m, 1:00pm but now 3:40 pm he is all bright eyed and well awake. But I already raced with him with late lunch…Why racing when he is up?

He is only six months and 5 days now. He has just started sitting down but appearing like just passing his safety road test with an “L” license. He would be sitting up straight with good posture but soon would sway to the right or to the left, or nose and face down that almost instantly called for my urgent attentions. I do not wish to see him in the papers….if you knew what I mean, so I rushed to his aid, on the double.

Things are done almost at an instance: replying to sms, answering phone calls, tucking some food down my tummy, visit the loo and of course preparing him his next feed, not forgetting putting the water to boil in case his flask ran out of hot water and urgently turned or ran to him if he tumbled again. He would not be able to get up all by himself unless I placed pillows behind him. What if he falls to the opposite direction of the propped up pillows? Rush, rush, rush then get back to this laptop alphabets which faithfully let me touch them with gentle noise of tap, tap, tap.

Have I turned a super duper granny? I was what my friends called a super duper mom back then: while the children were in school, I was busy running own business, looked at the clock, then see them to lunch, send someone to the child minder, send someone to the Quran reading class and finally fetching someone who is in the afternoon session at school. Woof! That was then. Ops! Not done yet…finally round up everyone and drove them all home. Once home, this super duper mom, turned to the pots, pans and the cooker.

Today, throughout the day, only TV station no 613 or 614 were turned on. I have almost memorized the programs…not for grand mothers though. Nordy, Choo Choo Train, Sesame Street, Pooh and Friends, Barney and many more. His favorite nursery rhymes are Do A Deer A Female Deer, Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars, Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, Alphabet songs and lots more to be mentioned. He would not sit still during this singing session. His hands would be reaching out for the laptop and with his little thumb, he would confidently touch the board. Imagine my condition at this time. I could be sweating while trying to keep him attached to my lap. But of course he enjoyed it so much.

We sort of took turns as to who should be doing what, at which time of the day, who should be left alone, who should play on his own and then who should take a nap. Needless to say, most times he broke the unsaid rules and won all of the above. But of course, he is a minor so he should deserve these attentions.

Surprisingly, some times he just let me be on my own with this blog while he kept himself busy with his toys that I purposely placed close to him. Only these couple of days, he started throwing them a bit further than where he was sitting. His mattress together with any available cushions from the sofa, were gathered all around him in case he turned and fell off. Apparently, he knew too well how to attract my attention. He would turn the other way round twice so that he nearly fell off. Ha ha ha, that little Amir Harith surely knew his way with his grandma.

But why grandma was ever so busy these past couple of days? Oh, I forgot to write about the helper...fevering for two days. So, she need not work. That was why grandma was in a rush, rush, rush SO she became a dot, dot, dot!
Today, amidst this extra busy schedule, I was also busy “sms” with Mr.Fred from Pulai Spring Resort. The early booking had to be done to attend Hafiz’s graduation on the 20th of August for his diploma In Mechatronics in UTM Skudai.

All other hotels listed down in the given list by UTM, were fully booked by ten o’clock the morning before today. However, My.Fred noted that “Aunty, I would try to upgrade your accommodation (serviced apartment) once you arrived”. The next sms read, “Aunty, I would upgrade your accommodation especially for you”. Mr.Fredrick, in case you are reading my blog tonight, I am going to claim your promise. Promise me, won’t you?

Well, after posting the important mail that contained essential information for Hafiz’s graduation, we stopped to have some dough nuts at the Mid Valley Mega Mall nearby. AH kept himself busy watching people with so many different color skins, sitting at different tables. He seemed observant. Once finished, me with one and a half dough nuts, whilst his mom with her sandwiches, we made our way out and home we came. It was already dark when it was all over.

Now, alhamdulillah, I have all the peace in the world, he is nearby but deep in his sleep. Next to him, lying close together is his beloved mom…a busy mother who turned a student, a worker, a mother and a wife. But most of all a very thoughtful and a very loving daughter to me…as The Lady Who Lives Down The Stairs.

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