Saturday, June 21, 2008


The normal mail arrived
Showed us the printed exam results, Alhamdulillah syukur!
Followed by the sms for UPU
Showed us the next place of destination to further your studies
Alhamdulillah syukur, as was requested in the list of your choice

Then came the magic question
Who should send you to the new campus?

Which car could accommodate your belongings?
Of course its none other than dad's
Shopping must be done, who would take you?
Dad of course!

Well done SON!
Whatever course was given to you
Do it well
AND don't forget our family motto
Be the BEST

So, there is only 8 days left
For you to be around, to look at our faces
Hear our voices and have meals with us
Hear the chuckle and hhhhaaaa
Who is it from?
Who else, none other than Amir Harith

Be on your way now my son
Perform well and aim high
May you succeed in whatever you may take and do
Mummy's prayers shall always
Be with you, always and always...

Don't forget to bring along
Your Red Sheafer Pen
Your bed linens, blankets and towelings
Your shirts, pants and all


May Allah Guide you
Bless you and Answer all your prayers
Be a good son, a good Muslim and a good citizen
Be aware of the "outside influence"
The "elements" that may distract you
From your focus in your life and your studies!!!!

I love you, your siblings love you!
Amir Harith loves you too.
WELL done dear

Fiz............CONGRATULATIONS from Mummy's little heart


azahar said...

Syazwan will be registering for his Dip QS in UiTM Sri Iskandar this coming 28 June 2008.

It looks like I am the one who has been busy running here and there getting the preparation done.

He has been more concerned with getting shirts, t-shirts, slacks, shoes etc...It could be well understod why...all these whiles he just have non-collare t-shirts, jeans and track bottoms only...he is indeed a very simple fella..

we are ready for the trip. Hotel room has been booked. Registration fees has been paid - RM573.00.

It is a pity that his sister, Amalia could not follow us. She is deeply involved in her UPSR-camp...SK Pusat is oraginizing weekend tuition marathon for its elite students (those with 4 and 5 A's in exams)...

Well done Syazwan and it is our hope that you make full use of your time there and be an excellent QS later on...

RoyalTLady said...

Well, the sharing and writing is so marvelous!

But for a few days now, I have been out of touch with this laptop time was taken away by my beloved grandson, AH and of course that means mom is back to work after a five month long leave.

Wan is tied up with this long time-sort-of-forgotten chores...hahaha!

Mornings means breakfast with baby cereals, then his second feed of baby's milk then straight to sleep.

Anyway, these fast few last hours with Fiz, was none other than helping him with his clothings (not packing though, the later he preferred to do it himself). One night while busy on the phone with someone, he came signaling towards his trouser's undone stitches. Once done, I tried to press the stitched parts BUT unfortunately the strangely friendly iron which belonged to the owner living down the stairs...gladly and swiftly burned the bottom part of it...

Thus the burnt part had also burnt a whole in my pocket...hahaha! So, off we went to the Mega Mall in Mid Valley...

K.Tash treated us all to lunch except for Harith...he had his usual cereal with fresh milk..I guess you might have guessed where from?

The shopping spree by the three lady musketeers were a complete chore to fit them all into Hafiz's luggage. After they were done and fully packed, MY o MY! He appeared to be going on a HAJ trip...if you know what I mean!

Anyway, all the best to you Hafiz.

The best episode was when after salam and all, he suddenly turned and hugged me in tears with voice sounded so pitiful...I shall never forget this early morning hugs from him...a very sincere one from him.

Could you imagine he could have the wildest imagination of all...Harith had said to him these magic words..."Uncle Fiz, don't go, don't go".

Anyway, he was safely in the campus by 11.20a.m. Received this phone call during my Sunday morning sekolah dewasa.

Hafiz, when I looked out of my bedroom window the next morning, there was emptiness and darkness coming from your bedroom.

Surely Harith would have missed his morning walk with you too, as much as we all missed you too.

Karim said...

duk baca atas bawah cari kat U mana anakanda pergi ... dak jjuppe.

Did I missed it written somewhere there?


RoyalTLady said...


Thanks for dropping by. When you arrived, I was busy at La Vie en Rose...touching the keyboard for her to Post Hike Driving.

Oh ya I did not mention where Hafiz went...he went to UTM Skudai. That was the reasons for missing him so much from the whole household...