Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Tonight aunty nak jelajoh Aiman’s blog. This script was posted in Aiman's blog in response to her Ikang Singgang. Aimanamani is the daughter of "Pizzaman" (A.Karim Omar) in the GUiT speedy delivery last December 2007.

Amir Harith’s minder is retiring and the baton has been passed to his mom (my daughter, The Lady Who Lives Down The Staircase…please read if you have some minutes to spare)…

I would like to share the recipe if I may…my version using ikan tenggiri.


1/2 kg. of Ikan Tenggiri - the head portion - cut as desired
2 big red onions - sliced
1 clove garlic - cleaned, crushed with skins on
1″ galanggal - crushed or sliced
6 pcs assam gelugor
1″ kunyit hidup - crushed
Salt to taste.
Sufficient Water

BOIL ALL - would taste much better with longer boiling period then add the cut fish. Should be eaten with nasi panas. Cold also can…

Sometimes I keep the over night kuoh till …for a period of more than anyone could imagine. My daughter The Lady Next To Me, would hirup kuoh after her rice is finished and loves the onions and garlic found in it.

the end of my write for aimanamani.


1/2 kg Ikang tenggiri - cut as desired
2 stalks serai
1 pc garlic
1 big red onion
1/2" ginger
1/2" galanggal
1-2 pcs assam keping
1/2" fresh kunyit
1 mug fresh milk or
2 Table spoons coffee mate mixed with sufficient plain water
salt and sugar to taste

1. Finely mix all the fresh ingredients.
2. Put to boil together with assam keping, till it changes color and giving
aromatic smell. (Approximately 10 minutes).
3. Add fresh milk or mixed coffee mate. Stir well. Medium fire.
4. Add salt, sugar and fish till fish is cooked.
5. Variations: May add suitable vegetable of your choice.

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