Monday, July 14, 2008


In This Klang valley I came to know of two mams
Who frequently hug their, dot, dot (all of the above)
One living in Damansara Heights
While the other in Section 16 PJ

The Cambodian girls came, dusted the table tops
Mopped the floor till they shine through
Cleaned the windows with towels and finished with papers
Climbed the ladder reaching for the fans

Lai Yueng, Sallai and Vanni as they were named
Being fetched early mornings and sent home at dawn
With food and drinks to share with friends
Even extra nice words were offered
They were all well trained but only their speed differ

The owner of the company lived off Jalan Klang Lama
He charged us RM sixty for the whole duration of a day
Paying them all RM five hundred per month
Seven days a week they labored themselves

Not a single penny is given to them
To keep or to buy sundries as they pleased
All are being provided for by the employer
At the end of two year period
Would they be able to get their dues

Then came this Western Javanese mother
She has a four year old son that was left behind
The normal cleaning trains were conducted
Hoped to be a little easier than previous helps
You know how the hammer and the nail work?
They both make the carpenter (me) boiling

Once done, to be repeated the next day
Pretended to be clever today, dumb the next
I stopped talking to her since I discovered
Something nasty was written down somewhere

Sunday came, I refused to offer her a lift
To the tafsir class in Ampang that we used to go
My patience went beyond the limit
This morning I erupted accompanied by noises
That came down with pots and pans
They got stuck to the shelve because of uneven stacking
She appeared at the door, looking the least guilty!

After reciting some doas, I cooled down
Talked to her in a slower tone which touched her
She then admitted wanting to apologise
Even before today and yesterday
But was afraid to do so

When I forgave her, her tears and mine flowed
Mine were a sincere motherly tears
I am not too sure about hers (pretention or real)
But I have to be weary...of crocodile tears
We forgave and hugged each other

Was that the end to all the feuds yet to come?
Wallahu 'alam bissawab...
To have or not to have?
Which is better?
You have read my writes
You answer or send comments to me, ok?

I am writing this as Amir Harith is fast asleep
While the fried fish is cooking on the stove...

Tralalalala la la!
this piece was first published on the 12th July

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RoyalTLady said...

now the only way to make this properly paragraphed is through the hard way o was it me who was ....dddddaft?

not to have them written in the blog but in the normal document template. is that how other bloggers do it?

but i could not get them published under the same date...urghhhhhhhhh