Tuesday, July 8, 2008


The Child In My Heart No.4

A child with a golden heart, whose life was so full of surprises and unlike the other three siblings, she grew up too soon! She is always ahead of us with her thoughts.

Different time, date and year...she was born in the same hospital as Abang Hafiz, UH. The anxiety worked up that caused my blood pressure to rise. This time Prof.Rachagan was no longer around. He was previously introduced to me by Dr.Arfah from Karachi, Pakistan. She was around when little Hafiz was born.

Swarmed by the medical students from time to time, I was so flabbergasted when a few of them meddled with my veins and let the much needed blood dropped onto the floor. I held my thin patience as I was facing a difficult moment. Deep down I felt like saying some "words" and open my mouth wide in high pitch!

Anyway, around 10.00p.m, another beautiful queen was welcomed to the world. She cheered us up after almost five years Abang Hafiz became the youngest child. Apparently she missed the beautiful Berlin life. Hence, not a single shot of her was snapped there.

There are already so much writes being written about her in this blog. The Hair Cut, The Scissors, The Tears; The Tearful Little Queen; The Little Lady Next To Me. Hence this short story and I would like to express my greatest appreciation to her for being THERE. It was simply enjoyable having her everywhere I went. Every minute spent with her was so wonderfully memorable.

Just like any other siblings of hers, she too have a golden heart. It is so full of love and affection for everyone. Having an extremely high tolerance rate, patience, helpful, strong willed, focused and authoritative. Just to name a few of her deep down feels that no one sees except her closest buddy, me.

All The Best to you for the coming SPM exam. May Allah Bless you with more success in future. You have done well so far, Alhamdulillah.

Diyanah, Mummy love you very much little darling.


leng chai said...

no one here xcpt me..bt only at d moment..i luv readg ur stories..

RoyalTLady said...

hai Leg Chai,

EIIIIIIIIIII, excited to see a visitor coming by and care to tap a few letters on your laptop or key board for me to read.

thank you for inspiring me. My language is just as plain as jane... the plain jane of course.

RoyalTLady said...

sorry mispelt your name...Miss Leng Chai.

leng chai said...

im not a woman..
leng chai means handsome boy..
but its ok..

RoyalTLady said...


but you did not allow me to read your writes.

how young are you? perhaps as young as my children??

leng chai said...

sorry 4 late replying ur cmmnt..
i hv exam 4 d last 2 days..
do u mean my blog??
i dont evn hv a blog..
im just a visitor...
im 18..
im suppose to call u auntie..
im sorry 4 being rude auntie...

RoyalTLady said...

Leng Chai,
You must be in form five, right?
Was it your termly exam that you have just had?

I wonder how did you come across my blog...by chance or you could have seen in someone else's blog?

No, you are rude at all. I also have a young daughter. As young as you. She is in firm five. You could very well call me auntie. TQ

leng chai said...

im nt in form 5,auntie..
sy blaja kt matriks..
n yea..
its ujian pertengahan semester..
myb auntie igt sy ni bdk cine..
sy bdk mlayu..
name sy afiq..
yg leng chai tu just nickname..
perasan hensem of course..

RoyalTLady said...

I got it! someone has related to me how did you get into my blog...hahahaha.

Anyway, I have not been here since the last date I posted because I have been busy visiting my adopted mum in the University Hospital.

All the best to you Afiq, Leng Chai

Hantar gambar. Nak tengok leng chai aunty ni.

leng chai said...

im sorry sbb x reply smlm..
smlm x on9 cz ad ceramah...
skang dh tkantoi pn...
sy mmg nk btau tp takut la nnt die yg kne mrh...
harap2 mak angkt auntie tu sihat smula..
sy x twu la cne nk hntr gmbr..

tp ni url pic sy kt friendster


leng chai said...


leng chai said...



RoyalTLady said...

o patut lah. mula2 aunty terfikir...ada orang tersesat kat blog ni.

dah tengok pun gambar afiq.

cerita yg aunty tulis ada yang betul ada yang betul dan ada yang betul!!!!!!

enjoy reading them

leng chai said...

i always enjoy reading ur stories..
tp kn,smua cite aunty best2..
tiap2 kali on9 msti bce cite baru yg aunty submit..
mgu depan sy kne gi matrix n9..
sy msuk karnival sukan matrix..
sy jd wakil tennis kolej..
doakn sy mng ek..

RoyalTLady said...

All the best for the coming tennis tournament.

Didoakan semuga berjaya. Amin.

Ada lah jugak constant visitor di blog aunty ni ye? Enjoy reading them but at the same time hopefully you would find them not only entertaining but as experience worth learning and sharing.

leng chai said...

thank u aunty...
msti la slalu visit..
cite pn best2 pe..
mmg bnyk experience dpt..

aunty kn suke cite2...
aunty,sy sbnrny dh x lame lg nk keluar matrix dah...

RoyalTLady said...

Dah tak lama lagi nak keluar matrix? Y?

Cerita2 ni sekadar sharing my heart out...

Afiq, kalau afiq asik2 respond kat sini aje kan, nampak macam cerita2 lain tu tak de lah org nak komen...