Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I better try A.Karim's theory in case it works with me.  I like Dr.Azhar's new blog image.  He certainly would not like the black background staying much longer in his blog sphere.  BUT of course, he has choices, hasn't he? 

Most glad to know that ever since the demise of his mom, A.Karim was triggered to write something regarding the mystery of "Dr.Azhar's post" ...getting into my blog. He pleasantly wrote his theory and that gave me some lights to shed on as well.

Anyway, I must say that my 10 months 13 days old Harith is down with his fever again.  He brought it back from his holiday in Jakarta with his parents, Mama and Papa. He came home last Sunday after a three days holidays at his grand father's, Papa's dad.  

When asked Papa...
"Where are the pictures for me to see?"

"Oh! It was accidentally left in grand dad's car at the airport"

"OOOOooo, what a shame.  Then we shall have to wait until their next trip home (of grand dad and his family) to get the camera and those pictures shown". 

Today, he is still fevering and having cold.  Mmmmmmm, twice in a month?  But he moves about with energy, pushing his body here, there, everywhere in the house, eating normal, drinking normal and sleeping as usual...ops? Not usual.... he wakes up nights...

We hope with this, he would show his next progress ..either talking, walking (most probably) or running... What a wish from Wan!

People in the house about to contact fever from Harith: 1. Mama (of course) 2. Aunty Zaza  3. Wan (beginning to sneeze this morning).

ow o!..He is awake!... making his way to my table now... he has just managed to pull the remote control down... OW O!  I better run along... I have his milk in the warmer for his next feed.  It should be ready now. Chao!


RoyalTLady said...

Ok somehow perhaps I could guess another theory! about how Dr.Azhar's post getting into mine. In his profile, he puts under the title My Blog 1. Nature Lover. 2. Royaltlady.

So, that solves that!

I am not able to post this scribe into his ...I have tried... because I did not write his blog name under My Blog Name...RTL.

Hope my theory proved it all.

Tea Time With Melody said...

This mix up was pretty funny! Hope Harith gets over his fever soon. Have a great day. Right now it is 9:45pm.

Karim Omar said...

Too bad Kak E! Doc did not put you as one of his contributors. You can't write in his blog.
Go to your blog's front page, scroll down the right column. After the "Archives", before the "Labels", is your "Contributors list".
Those 6 names are the authors (including yourself) that you had authorised to freely drop a post on their own without seeking your approval.
Hope it clears.

The Dutchess said...

O dear..a cold and sneezes, bless you! Hope you all will be oke...take care:)

A World in a PAN said...

Trust grandson Harith will overcome his fever pretty soon!

RoyalTLady said...

Ok. I guess that solved the mystery of getting Doc's posts into mine...

Anyway, am MOST glad that all this "unclear theory" made AKarim wanting to type some lines in here. At least it has diverted his attention ( a little)ever since the demise of his late beloved mother whom I did not get to know...

I hope he slowly overcomes his sadness by frequently visiting us in this blog sphere.


Yeah! Very funny. Each time it happened, it sent me bewildered. Harith is pretty poorly ... cold still lingers on with him. 9:45pm = 1:46pm the 25th Nov. We are ahead of you by those hours...

The Dutchess and Laura (AWIAP)

I guess the virus is in the air. Almost every other household gets this bouts of fever, cough and cold. His fever just went off but not his runny nose.

The rainy season has started and the climate is a bit upsetting now.

Thanks for all your prayers.