Tuesday, November 18, 2008



my SMILE CAME not long after
My chuckle came after that
Mama kept all the little events
In a log book that is half my size

Then at 7 months I tried to crawl
But my left leg wouldn't want to lift up
So I just managed a slow move
Most times topple onto the floor

At Eight months I manged to crawl
Luckily the floors are cleaned daily
I was constantly "keep-an-eye-on" by everyone
Afraid I would make a turn and down I came

Nine months... tasting and licking things I want to discover
When no one was looking
Quick! I managed to lick them
Corners of the carpet...yulk!
Arm rest of our chairs..yulp!
Corners of the table....iyukh!

When I play with toys
I threw them about
If they got stuck under the chair
I pretended looking BUT I was licking the floor

Wan would come screaming
But...cool it Wan! I gave her a cheeky smile
I always got away with it
When she lifted me up...
She cleaned my hands and mouth
She always sing "this is the way we wash our hands"

Bathing time was always cheerful
When bubbles got on to my lips
Yummy! I licked them
So blissful when in the water

Then came the marathon
Up and up and up the steps I got
First try was up to the fifth
That was enough to make me feel great

Second try... up to the sixth
Gradually..up and up and up!
Fifteen flight of steps I conquered
Voala! Tried to get down? Oh NO!

I have not trained for this part yet
So...turning to the right
And into Wan's bedroom I got
Yahoo! Plenty to touch on her bed
Small books, big books...they are there!

After these events, Wan put barricade of chairs
Two at the stairs landing
One into the kitchen
Stool towards her working corner

I managed to push into the kitchen
Using my head and my tears!
YES! I managed to push the meal table chair
With my head. YES!

Now at ten months...12th November...
Licking is now ...almost...a thing of the past...
Its more of chair climbing
Bed climbing and crawling at F1 speed

When the phone rang
I came to it, making such noise
I knew people wanted to talk to me
And surely they ask about me

So Wan usually email her work
No longer talking to her clients
While I am awake
Pity Wan, sacrificing for my sakes

But I would get over everything
Don't worry! I am getting bigger now
Things on the meal table
Placed on the corners and close to the edge?
Are reachable now...wonderful!

My height is the same as the table top
I am tall! I have grown!


Fifi Flowers said...

Cute little face!

RoyalTLady said...

Thanks Fifi...
He is still quite feverish today but not as bad as before.

Eating, ok. Crawling okay. All checked! roger and out...

Do drop in again.

The Dutchess said...

And there is so much more to come little man..Life is an adventure!:)

Mr. said...

rindulah semua orang...

Jen said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly they learn to explore the world around them, and they deem it ALL fascinating! He's such a cutie! I'm sure nobody minds having to keep a constant eye on such a sweet boy.

RoyalTLady said...

There you are my son... check this post in this blog..The Young Man In My Heart!

If you miss us, come home then...

We miss you too. Hope you have done well in your recent exam and would get better CGPA.

See you soon LOVE.

ALL of us are missing you as much...luvs


RoyalTLady said...


I was also busy visiting your blog this morning... trying to copy TAGGED! and making sense on how to go about it.

Sure, Jen you are welcome to come and keep an eye on him...anytime! He like softer approach. His "warm up" time to get to know you takes some time but would get attach soon after.