Wednesday, December 3, 2008


the BIGGEST word ever learned by this young, budding and very disciplined librarian is of course...pendulum! Each time Wan says, pendulum, I would turn towards this clock. Lemme think, 6:00 o'clock...mmm must be evening?
Pst! it is just outside Wan's bedroom and it was one of Mama's wedding gift. Wan couldn't get a clearer shot with one hand holding Harith (me) in her arm and camera in another. Another pst! The clock never worked since the day Mama received it but its a beautiful piece.

mmm... late lunch again! This is bitten by the librarian himself... not by ants or any pests. I have actually swallowed those bitten pieces and this is the only book around "soft enough" to eat. So the portion for cataloged coding is no more there. The beautiful pink table runner was bought by aunt Zaza in Sarawak. Ah haaaaaa, they match perrrrfectly!

Although bitten, Leo the Lion is still smiling. He did not want to protest in case I would get annoyed and finish up the whole book. Good young Leo still managed a "squeek" each time I bite him.

Shooo shoo, I told you the library is closed. It's already 6:00pm. You come back the next day, you hear? But, yes you can hang out there. The table is large enough for your family. See ya! extra allowance....
still Busy at work and thinking out loud!
How do I start decoding Mama's book? Shall I use digital cam or scanner? Those "Oscar" characters on the bolster case are my close friends from my early days...I am upstairs in Wan's bed.

These are some of my collections in my little library... the coffee table is my display corner. You are all welcome to enjoy my books. Sometimes I get to lick the glass table top... mmm nice...cooling!

This is one of the books that has moving parts and characters. The Farmer's (Farmer Tod) arms was severed quite some time back. The tractors face (Toby) and tyres were long gone and now the book could be opened spread wide in Wan's bed.

Okay folks...I really have to lock up the place. It's dinner time. See you next day, you hear me? Enjoy your dinner and don't forget to come back to my beloved Wan's blog each time you log on and of course to my little library.

Nighty nite... aaaaaaaah am I exhausted?

I have been away from this lap top since the "Lady Next To ME" has come home after finishing her major exam. Harith the librarian was also quite sick after his Jakarta trip, thus the looking after was on Wan's shoulder although Papa took a long annual leave.... Today, we drove > 500 kilometers (to and fro) for aunt Diyanah's scholarship interview which was held in her college, in Jasin, Malacca. After getting an sms from Doctor Azhar, asking why the long silence and empty blog post... I am determined to post this scribe tonight. The images were uploaded yesterday but I couldn't finish the captions since Harith woke up and was ready for his tea time "feast".

Actually I have not been watering my plants either but they are all surviving despite some neglects. Tonight it rained a little, so the soil should be wet. Some plants were flowering... not much but sufficient to cheer me up and to tell Harith they bloom to share our joy.


azahar said...

Now I know why. It is ok. You have got responsibility to your family. Could you kindly post picture of your family members?

The Dutchess said...

So nice to see all these lovely pictures..And how wonderful this little are never to young to start reading (or eating)a good book..:)

RoyalTLady said...

We are all in the post... AH A Bundle Of Joy...look us up in there...except Mr.Who!!!!!!! click on Jasmin flowers and you see this post... almost 11 months ago...I posted this scribe.

There... you could guess who and who and who and who! Then tell me which one is me when you found ME out!!! hahahahaha

RoyalTLady said...

The Dutchess,

Good to see you coming by. YES...never too young and too old for are right.

I guess you would be busy soon with Christmas celebration? I bet not many bloggers would post in their blogs on Christmas day except may be...Goofy Girl. She is a girl wonder indeed.