Sunday, November 2, 2008


Today, I am alone in this house. AH and Mama are still in KT. They would be only be back tomorrow evening.

I do not water the plants. I don't wish to be outside too long. The "rubella quarantine" next door is quiet. No guards, no patients. Student are going to have their exams starting this 5th November. Hafiz is also going to have his semester exam on the same date. But Jay Jay and Zaquan (my young cousins - sons of La vie en rose) have their exam started since last week.

Hafiz is pursuing his degree in Industrial Computer, Jay Jay is doing his degree in Actuarial Science while Zaquan in his final year Accounting at the Monash University Malaysian campus. All the best to them all. Cik D - AH's youngest aunt, is going to sit for her SPM which is due on the 11th November... it's going to determine her next level of education. This is her major exam.
May all the fifth formers do well and succeed well in this important exam.

The brightly shone sun attracted me to have the cushion covers laundered. So, patiently I took them all out and shoved into the washing machine. Setting the dialer at hot wash for 2 hours, they came out clean and brightly white. I hanged them under the fans...not outside! They did not take long to get dried.

What next to do? I took the ironing board and the iron out. Turning on the switch, checked the water level, line the board with new felt material so that the surface is steady and there I was...ironing cushion covers. Have you ever done this?

I have even ironed pillow cases, children's t-shirts and trousers when they were little. I just love seeing something looking neat and flat.

Looking out of the window few times to check in case prowlers are at work again. None? Back to watching TV...programs after programs...till 12 midnight news. After that? What else, if not reading emails and reading blogs.

Tomorrow I have a class to attend. I get to meet people briefly. Then perhaps, visiting some friends or straight home after. Late evening, shall go to the airport...fetching my beloved daughter and beloved grandson.


GrandmaK said...

Thank you for stopping by. Enjoyed your "Dull Day." Seems quiet just like mine...the sore throat is, I think, improving. Cathy

RoyalTLady said...

glad to know its improving.

Cheers and have a good Sunday.

afiq.. said...

salam auntie..
how r u?
hope everything is fine..
dull day??
i think i can recommend u my fren's blog..
bese2 je,tak la gempak..
cuma pengisian die best..

have a nice day

RoyalTLady said...

wa'alaikumsalam Afiq!!!!!!!

How are you? We are all fine over here. How's the new campus? How is your studies getting on?

Glad you still have the time to peep into our blogs. Yes, I did go to your friend's blog. Ada pengajaran, maklumlah dia seorang yang berilmu. Where is he teaching?

all the best for your new curse and study hard

afiq.. said...

im fine auntie..
baru baik selsema..
winter dah nak start kat sini..

alhamdulillah my study is just good..
i love everyhing dat i have now..

hari2 saye msuk blog auntie la..
its my priority to visit ur blog everytime i'm online..

kawan saye tu belajar lagi kat al azhar..
tapi tak tawu plak die mengajar kat mane..
maybe die mengajar time cuti sem kot..

RoyalTLady said...


I was on the phone with SNSO in my story The Demise...she is one of the adopted sisters that I have... That was the story of her late mom that I wrote...

also in the story..The VIP Lady...

Glad to know you still visit me in here and that you are in good health. Jaga diri baik2.

alhamdulillah, your studies are okay and don't forget to do your level best in your studies.

I noticed you were here at 11:25pm Malaysian time. What is your time over there?

Good nite.

أحمد أفيق عبد ألله ظان said...

i c..
i also have alot of adopted sisters..

InsyaAllah saye akn jage diri elok2..
auntie pun tlg la doakan saye kayh..

i'll always try my best because this is the only chance i have..

kalo kat msia pkul 1125pm,mknanye kat sini bru pkul 525pm..
lambat 6 jam dpd msia..
tapi pkul 525 tu biasanye dah maghrib..

RoyalTLady said...


Thank you for dropping in.

Yes, I thought you might have adopted sis too. In boarding schools, we have all those...

Anyway, it's good to see yo coming by and write a few lines.

afiq said...

thank you aunty..
its my pleasure to visit your blog..

tak elok la kite da kenal2 tapi tak bagi tau khabar berita..

nanti orang ingat kite sombong plak..
kn aunty?

RoyalTLady said...


Afiq ni belajar kat mana? University apa?

Aunty forgot to ask you all these before.

أحمد أفيق عبد ألله ظان said...

its okay..

tanta university,tanta..

90km from cairo..
kalo nak melancong sini bleh gak..
saye bleh bwk2 gi jalan..
tapi tgu sy da pndai ckp arab la..=)

RoyalTLady said...

Thank you for the offer to visit Cairo. How about the accommodation? Could we squat in your hostel?????

Hahahahahaha...HA, if they have rooms to let for short term tourist, bagus gak kan Afiq?

أحمد أفيق said...

our house is a bujang house..
kalo nak tumpang aunty kne la masakkan..

nak travel best,pegi la dengan travel agency..

saye tak berani la nak bawak2 orang..
kat egypt ni bahaya..

mesir ni separuh darurat..
rakyat pun ramai miskin..
susah nak cerita..
u have to see it by yourself then u'll know the real situation in here..

egypt is very different from what i've seen compared to those i've read in the internet..