Friday, October 31, 2008

RM 750 TICKET TO FREE MEALS in the lock up!

Wan Jie Jie and Wan Put Arrived to visit AH...most importantly to deliver the gift that was kept in the car boot for some time...

10.35 :
AH gave a welcome cry.  He was short of an hour from his normal morning nap.

Things went blissfully well between the three of them until I interrupted with my welcome brunch for us all.  The very Malaysian- Italian pasta sauce was served with boiled pasta in the spiral shape, fresh cut carrots, capsicums of red and yellow, pineapple to savor our taste buds, sliced sweet potatoes as desert and plain tea without sugar.  Pictures were taken by Jie but unable to download into this laptop.  Later she would email me.

While enjoying our branch, my normal visitors came to entertain us.  A couple of them were up the damaged garden lamp, four were on the window ledge, some on the ground and up the trees.  Later a youngish looking mother came did we know she is a mother? Guess HOW?  She ain't wearing any braziers!  I only had four slices of bread, would  be insufficient for all in the group.

The younger ones came in pairs and they look almost alike, like twins.  Two with trojan like hairs, black like human and four like having thicker hairs in their foreheads.  The oldest of them all, looking like a extra large in size...remain seated on the ground as though taking charge of the group and overseeing all of them.  Later when another older mother came up tho the window, I threw those breads to her.  The others were scrambling towards her.

Worried that they might disturb my clothes on the drying metal structure outside, I went to the window to take a peep outside.  Okay, this is not the group that normally created havoc and went berserk in this compound.  Noting was out of the ordinary EXCEPT when I looked across into the  neighbor at No.4's compound.  their gate was wide opened.  There was a suspicious looking figure trying to climb the hilly front yard into the no.6's.  He was wearing a light brown T-shirt and khaki color trousers.  Quite short and small built but obviously an adult alright.  

Jie and Put were already in the sitting room by this time to play with AH.  He really enjoyed himself playing with new grannies.  the expensive Fisher Price present did attracted him but not as much as its red wrapper did with its extra noise and lighter in weight.  He was laughing, giggling and making his small baby talks.  At times crying as though wanting me to hold him.  Although he seemed enjoying himself but he was a bit apprehensive.  To our surprise, he did enjoy himself despite after almost ten months arriving into this household, this is their premier meet.  He blended well with the two new grannies.

Hastily I scrambled for my mobile.  Dialed the first number in the list under security.  Not getting through.  The second, also failed to get through.  Time passed.  I lost sight of him.  Obviously he could not be the younger brother of house owner. Why would he climb through the bush, slipped, up again and into the neighbor's compound?  (Ops! intermission AH is up the steps now.....on number three and onto no.four. he is crying...scared probably!)

Someone rang the bell from out gate.  Jie rushed to the front to take a look.  Wan Put was with AH, playing with the noisy red wrapper.  By the time I rushed to the window the security on the motor bike just made a turn and left.  Finally, after my fourth attempt, I managed to get through to the UM security guards, they arrived sooner than usual and scrounging the area.  By then I went back to join Jie, Put and AH.  It was half an hour later that Put saw a guy in his yellowish shirt and dark blue jeans jumped over the fence then disappeared into the bushes.  That was not what I saw earlier.  Could there be two of them?  

I then rushed to the gate and saw someone walking towards me in Put's description.  Smiling, I asked if he managed to apprehend the thief.  He told me he jumped over the fence and hit the clothes line next door to number 6 house but lost him in the chase.  I told him, we thought he was another accomplice.  He was one of the security personnel.

Fours hours after this annual visit by Jie and Put, they were leaving...already?  Holding AH in my arm, we sent them off just outside the front door since it was quite hot outside.  At the same time the phone rang.  Missed one call and another came.  Just managed to click on the green button when the guard was thanking me for the alert. Apparently they managed to apprehend him at Lorong University near to MAHSA Medical  College.  Some moneys were found on him.

2:50 pm 
The head guard requested  me to go to their office and make a statement and to identify him.  WHAT?  No! Of course not...what? With AH? Driving without his chair in the car?  No way!

Instead I asked them to come over to my house and get the statement from me.

3:15 pm
They came in a silver proton and waited outside while I filled up the form.  They showed me the picture of the guy and I was allowed to photocopy it.  There were tools used to gain entry into peoples' houses. Triumph?  Not at was scary to me.  The house where we live is very lonely and the compound is huge.  No one is home except me and least the whole lot of ten houses are always empty.  Only late evenings the owners come home after work.  

Late in the evening one of the guards called to thank me and gave some briefings on the happenings.  All the houses in front of ours, were broken into.  He, Mr. Thief, told the policemen he came by cab and went "to work" straight after.  He must have been familiar with our house and perhaps have once or twice been working with some other contractors in these houses.  The strong latch is not easy to pierce open hadn't he noticed what type it was. 

A deep sigh of relief was felt and I was relieved too that finally AH fell to his afternoon nap.  

So, staying at home is not always lonely and quiet for me.  At least some adventures were captured and shared in this blog.  Previous postings were...The Sound That Never Was, Done Part One and Rubella (quarantine next door)...obviously not forgetting the more adventurous "minkey" stories.

Hence the RM750.00 stolen from those houses, with such a hard work (very easy for him may be)...ended him in the police lock up with free food and lodging for some time to come (perhaps he receives physical treatments too while in there).  Easy money for him but hard for the victims...they have to work hard from mornings till evenings ect.ect.ect.


The Dutchess said...

Well ,never a dull moment in your house...Hope AH went to sleep to have nice dreams..

RoyalTLady said...

It's passed 1:00am here in Malaysia. Thank you for your visit.

AH flew with Mama to Kuala Terengganu this last evening to visit my siblings. Papa would be on his way too BUT he is on the job at one of the banks in KT as well.

Ginnie said...

I hope that isn't your ordinary type of are a brave person to have handled it all in such a calm fashion.

RoyalTLady said...


good to see you coming by!!!!!!

I was in the house when I spotted him...Today I dare not even dry the clothes outside anymore. Not even watering my plants...pity those plants.

RoyalTLady said...

I have yet to receive pictures from Jie ... of the food served the other day.