Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Probably similar "visitor" had landed in our compound....I cannot recognise each n everyone...

That was not the only isolated episode when monkeys invaded our compound. Much earlier, I have already written about them. But this time, they split into groups, clever monkeys. You know why they are so very clever? Because they probably have "graduated" from the university nearby.

This time, the group is pretty violent and their sizes are enormous. Some carrying young newborns, some are male, naturally. The playful ones are doing sommersault on the ground and playing atop the roofs as well as our garden light. The pole now is shaky and they do not seem to give any bother because they enjoy playing on it. One would climb up while another pull its tail forcing it down. They seem to take their turn to reach the top.

Doesn't it sound like I am living next to the zoo or monkey sanctuary? It is right in the middle of urban living but they do not seem to have choices of leaving this hideout. Every corner is full of houses, condominiums and of course the prime university next door. They even invaded the campus's hostels, ransacking the students' rooms, bins and sit on people's cars each evening like their own. Practically, every nook and corner of the greens that are found within our vacinity, are automatically their "home".

This afternoon, the new group of bigger sized monkeys were on our roofs, planters box and on the grills of our sliding door. They appeared hungry. So, I told Harith's mom, sometimes I felt like going to the market and buy ripe bananas and bring home for them. But morden markets do not keep old and unwanted bananas. They only keep the ones ready for sale.

Anyway, I have my washing outside to bring in. So, slowly I opened the back door and kept wondering where they might have been. Half the load was taken inside without much interruptions. Suddenly I heard "pouring" rain from the roof!..OPs! It was one of the four big monkeys above my head that "showered" the roof. WoW! That was close. Scary as I was, I called out for Tash to shut the kitchen door. While I rushed to the front door. But I couldn't go in just yet. They were on the roof top, close to me. They gave me the creeps as I passed them.

Quickly I ran into the house. Not long after, "bang". Something fell off. Then I noticed they started invading my potted plants and creeping big money plants. The full grown money plants were gone within minutes, nicely chewed including some herbal plants. The remains were left on the car top . When they were gone (they were only next door to work on their litter bins), I crept out and saw my big pot was broken. The pieces are in the drain...

The plactic chairs stacked outside were also invaded. When they fell to the ground, the rude nosie woke Harith up. Already afternoon naps are difficult and problem time for him, this makes it worse. There he goes, "wek, wek, wek, ahek!". So, I summoned his mama who has just finished her zohor prayer. Before Harith's noise goes up to "fifth gear" she has to come to the rescue.

My! That was a tiring "monkey business" indeed.


azahar said...

In this case who is invading who really?

When wild animals invade human dwellings, we quickly say that our domain is being invaded by them.

So easy to pass the buck, so to say.

In reality, we, Homo sapiens, are the culprits.

We infringe (to be diplomatic about it) into their territory. Actually we tresspass into theirs causing irreparable damage to their homes.

So, where as could they go foraging for food so that they continue existing in this world?

Pity the monkeys, the tigers, the elephants...They were shot just because they want to survive...

I remember when I was in Penang, there was this group of lotong (silver-eared leaf monkeys)trapped in between mushrooming residential areas and the river... out of other choices, they live in my lab's compound - slept on the roof and foraging for leucaena (petai belalang)leaves and fruits by the fence during the day.

Many many years ago, I was involved in translocating elephants from Jerangau to Taman Negara Terengganu side (beside the Kenyir lake)...I remember crying and praying to Allah so that one huge bull moved on its own onto the was so sad to see such a majestic animal being rudely forced out of its domain...

We are the intruders...we are the respect our host...ha ha ha

RoyalTLady said...

The next day, I found out my plants were being eaten, cut into pieces and of course one big pot thrown into the drain that caused the water to pool. The health authourity better skip my house incase they are on their aedis-mosquito-round...I haven't had the time and the urge to pick the mess up yet. I have to look for a new pot and replace those plants that are now resting in the drain. Ha, ha.

YES! True, they are being deprived of their natural habitat. That is why, apart from swinging between trees, they too treat our garden light as their toy.

Guess what? The banana trees look like one art work that only artist know how to admire. The "young fruit" was finished even they become full in their "tandan". The previous one, they helped themselves to most bananas, leaving us with only 14 fruits. but never mind, they are meant to be shared.