Sunday, April 13, 2008


Brightly colored blouse
Attracted Harith's attentions
From being sleepy and making small cries
He suddenly showed a happy face..

His smile was broad and long lasting
As though he had met Wan Jam once before
Yes, Of course you did Harith
On your third day of birth

Wan Jam had paid you a visit..
Remember? Nope. Never mind
But it sent you, Mama and Papa
For three nights in the University Hospital
Sleeping under the blue lights

Anyway, Wan Jam really has ways with you
Your smile was so charming ..
Since it was prayer time
Up we went into my room
Sorry, we had to place you on the bed

Yes, keep smiling Harith
Wan Jam is taking pictures of you
You like it don't you?..
You chuckled when Wan herself did it

She tickled you with her nose
Few times on your tummy
You like it? Yes, surely
Anyway Harith, 'tis time to leave you..

We are going to Wan Na's house
To meet the rest of your Wans
And to have a good look of Wan Alah
She has just arrived from Australia
We have not seen each other for so long..

Might she have changed
Or still remaining the same?
Everyone was asking how Harith is
See Harith, you already have some pals

When we got home late evening
You were getting ready to go..
Good night Harith
Enjoy your night over at Uchi's place
We shall meet again tomorrow night
And hear your "fifth gear" cries
this time the paragraph simply don't function


RoyalTLady said...

this time it gets me on my nerve...the paragraphs...where are they?

seems silly ain't it?

azahar said...

Forget the paragraphs. What a beautiful poem for your first grandson...

You must love him so much. What a lucky Harith.

I remember I was my late grandma's favourite grandson. She did everything she could for me. She would fast everytime I passed my exam. She was a grandma that everyone should have.

I hope you will be like her to your grandchildren...

I am still waiting for my own granchild...

I will write him / her a similar poem then...

RoyalTLady said...

YES! I am bemused by the problem of this paragraph.

I knew it, you would be able to do such thing, as your granny had done unto you.

You were different from the "Lara" story which is not yet published. Lara's son is sitting for his final exam. Don't want him to read just yet, in case he peeps in to release his tensions.

Luckily the children are under control and Allah took great care of them all.........