Sunday, April 6, 2008


The sky seemed so clear when I arrived home from a class that was conducted at IYC in Cheras, K.Lumpur. Getting my lunch ready was not so difficult. It was my half left-over Seafood Croissant that was meant for dinner last night. Had the first half at breakfast this morning, leaving another half in the fridge. Filing up my tummy was no big deal. Still have sufficient space to put another bowl of Maggi Mee. Indeed it was as easy to prepare as to pronounce its name. Oyster mushrooms were shredded finely and put into the boiling fish stock. The Mee and its spice went in next. Just a twist of few stirs, in jumped a hard boiled "century egg". When ready, it was not even shared with my house mate...who happens to be my daughter, Cik Za, as Harith was supposed to address her, later.

Last night's blogging kept me awake until 4.00 a.m. I was feeling full and sleepy after my lunch. So, off I went upstairs and took a nap. By about five o'clock, the sky was dark, clouds of dark gray shrowded above my head. Soon after, thunders were heard, lightnings struck wildly and fiercely. Heavy torrential fall filled up the space. It was such a heavy fall that drains and flat areas were soon over filled with waters. It scared me somehow, incase the water get into the house. I had two bad previous experiences with floods. The most recent one was slightly over two years ago......

The area where we once lived was next to the river. That vary night, at 3.00a.m the unusual loud thunder strom woke me up. Seemed like the worse of the thunders ever heard in my life. Since I have not done my prayers, I performed solat sunat hajat as well. The prayer was for our safety against flood incase the river bank would get overflowed. I prayed hard, (just incase the erosion had taken place and hold our road hanging on nothing) hoping we would have time
to save ourselves. The rest was God willing.

About forty five minutes later, I went to my son's bedroom and looked out of the window. Our Imam was sounding his car horn to wake us up because the retention wall was over flowed with flood water. I could not see the river clearly because it was very dark. But from the shadows of passing cars, I managed to get a glimpse of how swollen it was. The Imam's call was intense that I woke my children up. All papers from my work place were hastily carried upstairs and neatly stacked on the stairs.

Now its our cars that have to be driven out onto a higher ground. Luckily the three of them could drive. Off they went while I still busily salvaging whatever I could get my hands on to. It was five o'clock when a friend who lived further inside the area called and informed us her cars were already drowned. So, the flood water from the row behind us, had gone inwards and filled those houses. It was indeed a rude awakening for those who were in their most deep sleep. Some house owners were unfortunately away on week end that no one could help at all. Everything were drown in their houses waiting for their returns to clear up the debris. It was a sea of flood.

By 5.30a.m. my three children were not back yet. I just wondered what had happened to them but deep inside I kept praying for their safety BUT should the worse were to happen, I leave it to Allah to handle and give me the patience and strength to face it. An hour later, they returned home safely with so many stories and bread in their hands. Alhamdulillah they were safe.

Our washing machine and fridge were put on platforms and gas tanks, helped by our Indian neighbours. It was almost 6.00 a.m. It was the time that never stood still and never froze. The flood water has arrived, gently, slowly filling the drains outside, advancing into out compound under the mango tree, reaching the walkway, then finally through the kitchen door in they came. Through the sliding door, they finally found their gentle way and settled on the first two steps. We just let the cooker on the floor, the wooden furniture intact, plates and saucers were left to drown. We could clean them later once the flood water receded.

By lunch time, the volunteers cooked some meals and distribute them to the flood victims. Some of the flood victims' relatives were seen busy helping and transporting them out of the area. SMSs kept pouring in soon after the news was aired on all TV stations. My sisters from as far as Terengganu called to find out how we were. Friends and relatives nearby called to find out how we were getting on. Then our cousin called us to have lunch at her restaurant nearby. Electricity was cut off to prevent trippings. That caused great problems to those houses with automatic gates. Their cars were drown. Imagine the content of the house that were soaked in the flood waters. So, we walked through the murky flood water that was as high as our thigh. On the way to the shop, I was talking to God from deep inside me.

"O, Allah, I must have been a sinner that my solat hajat early this morning, was not answered and we were also affected by the flood although much later than the rest of the neightbours."

But then again, who am I? I am not an angle as to escape floods. As soon as we reached the restaurant and the shoplots, our Quran teacher, came and told me her house was practically drown with nothing could be saved. They only had clothes on their back. The water was wall high. So was the house of the Imam that woke us up. They were right one-lane behind us. Miraculously our house was not badly affected, alhamdulillah.

"So, Allah, alhamdulillah syukur my prayer was answered". Miracle, yes, it was indeed.

By evening, people were seen busy cleaning their house . We let them clean first. The water supply would have been slow then. By about 6.30p.m., we started cleaning our house. It was quite easy to clean the floor. First we cut up the five year old dark blue carpet and threw them out. Then mopped the floor a few times. The cleaning of plates and saucers were tidious. There were sediments stuck there. Apart from the shoe cupboard, nothing was spoilt. The other cupboards were not spoilt at all. They were my old office furniture that I bought from Afiah Trading funiture shop. They were made from good woods.

The next two days were clearing of debris outside and sorting out papers to be discarded. We decided not to cook but instead, got the supplies from the mosque nearby. That was the second flood incident we had encoutnered.

So, back to today's heavy fall... it was scary when the thunders were so strong and lightnings striked fiercely. When I looked out, the neighour's compound looked like a carpet of water. The waters from the house uphill rushing into their compound like waterfalls. I could imagine some place else must have been flooded. Our SMART tunnel must have been shut down to prevent floods in the City Centre. By about 6.30p.m. the rain began to slow down a bit. The "flood" in our compound seem to recede. They must have gone down hill.

Alhamdulillah, by maghrib time, it was all quiet, calm and peaceful like there never was any thunderstorms. By the time prayer was done, I got ready for dinner with Rizal, Tasha and her in-laws
to celebrate promotions at work, Rizal's dad new appoinment with a foreign company that was supposed to be in Jakarta and for his farewell. We went to Marche` Movenpick at the Curve.

On returning home, as usual the urge to write in this blog got on to me. Thanks to AG aka Wan A.Hulaimi who was the author of GUiT for indirectly initiated and drove me to create my blog and thriving on it.

Must publish this story first, I just don't want to see the monkey being on top of my blog longer that two days now. I shall edit this story the next time I log in.


azahar said...

In our pursuit of the so-called development we often destroy what Allah created to protect us.

A few examples I can give:

1. The hills and the mountains - they are created as anchor strengthening the earth against tremors and quakes and also as a very effective barrier against strong winds

2. The jungle - they are oxygen provider, great excess water absorber when there is heavy rain, source of brooks and streams

3. The swamps - they are natural air-conditioners cooling the earth against sun's radiation

When all these are tampered with, you know what will happen - floods, mud slides, hurricanes, heating etc etc

In the Qur'an there is a verse that says Man is created to take care of the equilibrium of the earth...

RoyalTLady said...


True as you mentioned. But the price of development is such that the humans suffer the aftermath. And not forgetting the animal kingdom is also destroyed.

They directly contributed to the environmental damage. That is why the urban dwellings are shared with the monkeys, squirrels, big big rats and poisonous snakes and many more to mention.

azahar said...

Well, we can still be environment friendly while we develop if we put our effort to it.

The problem with some of us, the contractors and the log-hungry people especially, they want to gain as much money as possible in the shortest possible time - they are greedy!

I remember when I was in Melaka many many years ago. They wanted to build the Governer's house on top of a hill. Out of greed prehaps for the timber, the hill was stripped of all trees in less than a month. If they were environment friendly, they cuold just fell only the trees along the road and the mansion only, not the entire hill!

Two weeks after the hill was shaven bald, there was a heavy rain - soon after that, a disastrous mud flood occurred in the villages surrounding the hill.

When I was in US I had a chance to visit the houses of many of my professors. One professor's house was built right smack in the forest, with a huge chestnut tree right in the middle of the kitchen. I asked him what will happen if a branch of that tree fell into the house. Surprising me he answered: "I will just repair the kitchen then."

RoyalTLady said...

We wished that Malaysians are conservation-consious!!!

The more given, the more they cut...much to our astonishments... they even cut what were not even given to them and prosper on them without feeling slightest guilt.

Luckily I am not a building contractor or developer! Ha,ha,ha.