Sunday, April 13, 2008


Dear Lara,
I have intently read what you wrote in those lenghthy letters some time ago. But eversince, I have kept it away locked in my memories and have not shared your stories with anyone. This time, since I have become a blogger, perhaps you wouldn't mind at all, me sharing with them what you wrote to me. LET ME just BEGIN WITH this one.

"The day was rudely awaken with the news of someone was sending my beloved and only son away to a boarding school, far, far, away from me. The least to be expected. My good intention and sincere deed was smeared with such a treatment. It was not even informed, the least discussed with me at all. The father had made the decision and he had actually went against the Children's Act...forcing our son against his will.

Earlier efforts proved futile when his father's lawyer "told" me to ask my lawyer to write a letter that evening, protesting about sending Adam away. The letter was to state, he should not be allowed out the place of his domicile and should be schooling near his family. What a disgust! The letter was hastily done, was delivered through the fax, AND was stonely and daftly ignored until today by this lawyer..... Some lawyers.

Adam was going to a boarding school? Whose idea it was? When did he apply for a place? Who were behind the scam? Lara, this sounds too familiar. Separating a mother from her son, separating a daughter from a mother...They are the work of the insane. I meant well, upon the divorce agreement to let our son be with his father so that the father has a company. No one cared about my sincerity. It was far from being appreciated.

Upon hearing the news, my two daughters had tried their best to persuade their father not to send Adam to the boarding because he has actually started schooling in the area where we lived. Adam even had written a letter (because they were incommunicado) protesting about going away from the family...the then newly broken up family. But to avail.

The letter was totally ignored. All efforts by the two sisters were scorfed off. Early morning of that fateful day, Adam was bundled with much reluctance , into the car. How could anyone of sound mind do this? Adam could hardly manage himself. What more to wash clothes, shoes and what ever else. Only Allah The Almighty knew how this poor young boy felt at that time. None of us could ever imagined his feelings. He may have cried alone, in silent, besides the driver, the heartless man in his life. I never have asked him to tell (until today), afraid that the whole incident would upset and distraught him. Causing him to be disturbed in his studies.

Day one in school/early life away from home:
6.30 a.m. "Assalamualaikum Mama. Adam do not like schooling here. I want to go home. Please come and fetch me. I missed everyone at home".
words spoken are actually more elaborate

Day two:
6.20 a.m. "Mama, please, when are you coming to feth me?"
"Adam, I cannot simply get you pout of there because we have to go through the court to change custody"....

Day three:
6.30 a.m." Mama, when are you coming? I want to go home and with my family. I don't want to be schooling here"...
Months of endurance...of such telephone calls, more followed. Could you imagine, how finely shredded my heart was every morning listening to my son's calls. They were not calls of the home sick little boy. They were the desperate calls of a son being cruelly forced to be separated.

By the third month...
"Mama, when is your lawyer going to get the matter into the court? I have no more patience left. I want to go home and be schooled there."
"Adam, be patient ok. She would file it soon."

Months of early morning calls that followed were answered with the vary magical and hopeful words of "be patient, Allah is with us. Soon you would be with Mama and the rest of us here", faithfully said like a parrot...long distance parrot. It then became routine and phone calls were very much expected. Torn hearts were conversing with tears welled up in their eyes, voices were trembling, begging tonations, not noticed and known by anyone but Allah. And ...I was sure the moment he woke up each morning, the next thing to do after his morning prayer, was to call Mama. Listening to Mama's voice.

One day, I flew over and went to see him in school. While he was walking towards me, he seemed floating and not firmly on the ground. What has happened to my handsome little boy? He did not seem to be his old self anymore. The deep sunken face that showed tense and worries were visibly prominent. The moment I arrived, the whole bunch of school teachers knew. They soon informed his father's family member who in turn informed his father. The kind and very friendly school head invited us into his office. Adam's file was produced. Apparently, so many people in the "gang of the father" had helped to get him into this school. Familiar names were mentioned.

Needless to say...deep in my heart...I was cursing each and everyone that were involved in the scam. So, he had obtained help to get a place for Adam in this school? When I got home, I received a copy of the letter sent to the school head by his father. Shame to mention. Such an intellectual person, of high education, has so low dignity and very narrow, wicked mind. His mind was full of vengeance.

Apparently, he wrote there, I (a mad person) went to cause chaos and havoc to the school and I was even shameful to repeat some of the undescribable words used and written. Why? Simply because I do not have to such a low profile personality. How could such a person has such a heart? His ill intentions were clearly potrayed. It was to get me really "mad" (gone bonkus) in the process of separation.

Allah The Almighty was ever so Great. He showered me with Rahmat and Rahim and never turned me "mad" like how he had wanted me to be. He Blessed me greatly and protected me from having such ill feelings as to separate any children from him. Allah showered me with the inner force, inner strength, strong will power, stable mind and most of all He Loved me more because the "tests" which were so intense were bearable.

I perservered the ordeal through and through until the day the court was in session. Then little secrets were let loose. He might not know that everyone in the court observed his wierd character. Needless to mention in greater details how he had looked like...but certainly wierd, inhuman and scary. I too wonder what these means.

During the session (as it was held in the Learned Judge's Chamber) in the presence of the two lawyers and his father, Adam gave adverse answeres to the day before when was asked by my family members. Only Allah knew too well what went on. Never mind that. He won the case but neither did I loose it. As soon as the trial was over, he left without taking Adam home with him. Disgusting! What was he trying to do? Rediculing the law, the court or fooling himself?

That night we never slept a wink. I kept asking Adam,
"Why did you answer the reverse of what you had wanted to say all these while?".
His answer was simply,
" I don't know. He had wanted me to say".

The next day, I felt feverish and drousy from the lack of sleep. Did he know what he had actually done to us?
A week later, Adam "sang" his happy song. Miraculously... Allah sent me the message. Adam has just come out if IT. He was hypnotised while on the way from the airport to the court room. No wonder his answers were unheard of and so unbecoming.

Lara, as I am writing this story of yours, my heart is shattered. But Lara, remain brave, have Faith in Allah, always turn to Him for Help and remember this...Allah shall always answer your prayers because prayer of persons in disparity and victims of ill-doings are accepted and answered by Allah without delays. Amin Ya Rabbil'alamiiiiiin.
Try to forgive those wrong doers from now on because you would then be better Blessed.


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