Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Busy as ever! That was, is and would always be ME. Harith was fast asleep. So I was up and down to fetch this and that from my bedroom. On an instance, I missed the fourth step... We put two chairs in front of the stair case to barricade Harith's path for a quick "steps climbing".

Landed on my right arm, right hip, right leg and knee...every parts were right! Suddenly the movement froze, head ache was strong, almost passed out... Diyanah's instant reflex action was to reach for the ointment and for the next half an hour was massaging me. I almost dozed off but not quite. I could hear peoples' voices.

When I got up to have a nap upstairs, the knees were swollen. But I did not go to the Hospital for x-ray... it was getting late in the evening. Had I gone, I would not know what time I could get my turn.

The next morning, I went with Harith's Mama. Gosh! The place was refurbished. Everything turned blissfully white, new coats of paint, new flooring, machines and reception counter. Everything was new.

There was no cracks or broken bones found. Alhamdulillah!

The following month, we have this new "gate" installed to the frames...

Harith made a fast movement to shake the "gate"...

Testing the structure... could he pull it apart OR pull it down?

Trying to take the camera from me...

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