Thursday, December 4, 2008


Rise and shine ...7:40am? Believe it or not? YES, It was.

smallest bloom around

The most prominent "Pink Lily" ever flowered...I wonder if that name suits them

Pinky and smiley = makes my heart merrier

All sorts of herbs

Hello! We have a yellow visitor that enjoys my photography session

Mosquito was caught on my hand...urgh!

A large soil ant, enjoying my morning snaps

Do enjoy a tour of my garden...after such a long absence...


Alice said...

Enjoyed the tour. I'm just wondering if the mosquito is still alive after that session on your hand. (I can almost hear the splatttttt!)

azahar said...

So you have been make up for your absence ha ha ha.

Try include Moringa in your herb garden.

As for the mosquitoes, don't ever allow them to complete their life cycle at the expense of your precious blood!

Nice talking to your Diyanah. All the best to her.

RoyalTLady said...

Alice dear,

Of course... but of course...the mosquito did receive the splattttttt.. in fact the other shot showed the red color on my skin but it was too blurrrr.

Thank you for visiting... do drop by again.

RoyalTLady said...

Doc...guess what!!!!!!!!

You remember Sharifah Aminah that I mentioned in my Alma Matter? Well...out of the blues she turned and wrote a comment in that post!!!!!!!! Am I not excited?

blog sphere ... a lost and found sphere & platform.

Moringa was alive when we viewed this house we shifted in BUT the "gardener and cleaner" cut them away just before we moved in.

Together went along White roses from the planters box...they don't know how I appreciate flora and fauna.

Diyanah enjoyed smsing with you too. She said Thank You.

afiq said...

im missing those sunrise..
just a dull,freezing morning for me now..

RoyalTLady said...

Ha there you are Afiq.

How have you been? Ya, you sure miss sunshines. But the cooler the better, ain't it? I get hungrier fasted in cold climate... so I ended up cooking and frequenting the kitchen.

Study hard!

ahmad afiq al tantawi said...

alhamdulillah Im fine..

yup, very true of what u've said..

baru je makan lepas tu dah lapar balik esp after midnight

i went to giza last week..
best jugak although penat bcs jln tak henti2..

i will struggle hard..
thanks for ur advice auntie

RoyalTLady said...

Salam AFIQ,

That was my b' wrote comments on. Dah tua dah unty ni...

Hope things go well with you and your studies. Study sampai habis, kerje and look after your mom and dad... then, think of other things. Let personal matters come later... family comes first, betol tak? Kalau bukan Afiq keluarga Afiq, siapa lagi kan?

I also told my children such things.

Mak advise macam ni tak? Am sure she did.

Aunty tahu Afiq ni anak yang baik. Ikut cakap ibu bapa, Insayaalh, berjayalah Afiq didunia dan akhirat. Amin.

Sorry lah berceloteh panjang pulak kali ni.

Study hard.

RoyalTLady said...

tersasul pulak...

kalau bikan Afiq yang bantu keluarga Afiq, siapa lagi....

ahmed said...

owh yeke..
happy belated birthday..
sorry lambat sangat wish..
moga2 Allah panjangkan umur dalam iman,murah rezeki..
umur yg dipanjangkan itu adalah satu nikmat yg amat besar jika disertai dgn ketaqwaan&keimanan.

InsyaAllah sy akn study hard n i am always do my best..

family come first..
without my parents,i'm no one..
mak selalu pesan camtu la..

niat dalam hati i nak bantu keluarga,bantu orang sekeliling,orang2 yg memerlukan..

tapi tu smua hny bleh dtg dgn result yg bgus..
so i have to study hard..
thank you so much for ur advice auntie..
auntie pun tolong la doakan saye k..