Monday, January 11, 2010


Rafid had arrived yesterday (Sunday) with her hubby from Brisbane en-route Europe.  We held a gathering of slightly more than 20  old schoolmates with Rafid's family, at the hotel apartment where they are now residing.  It was a well planned surprise "meet thy next-door neighbor" at The Zon Hotel close to KLCC.  Siti Normala had earlier booked a separate room for our function next to their's. We (me and La vie en rose) missed watching the BIG surprise!  BUT of course we could imagine the uproar, the laughter, the tears and the hugs.  These  have always been the standard "trade mark/drill" of our meets.  It would be a total disaster if these were not happening! 

We arrived a little later with our share of pot lucks.  AND of course spontaneously we repeated the above... but with much less hassle because we were the only late arrivals.  Photographers were busy with each phone cam and a few cameras.  Foods were plentiful on the table.  Drinks were over-flowing... (but... they were bottled mineral water).  It was supposed to end at half past eight  p.m. but by the time we hit the road, it was after eleven... It had started at half past four...p.m.

These are some snaps I have taken with phone cam.  A lot more are in my friends'.  If they upload later, I shall share this New Year event with you.

This is the most beautiful embroidery work I have ever seen.
It was a welcome "home" gift for Rafid from us all and perrrrrrrrrhaps for being the most regular email(er)...  She responded to our every email in our group.  That's her.

That is our Rafid(ah) binti Abdul Jalil (her full given name) receiving a small token from yours truly.

All the way from Kuantan, Hajah Rohani Husin with Wan Hasmah... a great post.  Please do not ask me why suddenly the color is different here... I have nicht answer.

 Tip (Latifah) used to be in our singing group together during our school days.  That tells, I could have neverrrr sang alone.

This golden voice lady... yesss, she could sing on stage and made it through the talentimessssss.
That's WHM with Rafid.

Hajah Rohani and yours truly, posing for the first time in ... lemme count.... from "73-2010"... wow! How many years is that?

This talented writer has launched her first book on our outstanding Lady of Substance , the distinguished Malay lady politician from Johor, Dato' Fatimah Majid.  She has just given me a homework, a lengthy one to finish until  perhaps the year 2011... During our school days, we used to stay up nights sharing out teary past childhood stories.  Where was it? 

Was it under the street lamps? NOPE!.  Was it in our classroom? nope. In our beds?  Nope.  BUT  seated on our wooden linen box outside my dormitory.  hahahahhaha.  Sorry Jie, I lost the "cute little wooden Chinese-made boat" you had given me.  And Tasha's echipen (white and pink elephant) that was given when we visited you in London, in the year 1980, was safe and sound in the pediatric ward of University Hospital.  Somehow, she has outgrown playing with it... not bored with it.  Honest!


azahar said...

So you all have a wowing meeting at The Zon eh...that's where we were when our Diyana attended her convocation recently..

Rafidah was there too I see...She was my one-year junior in the dept when she was a part of us...

Please send my salam to her

RoyalTLady said...

YEs, we organized it especially for Rafidah. She is also our one year junior by age but she was in our batch. Did you see your good friend Hjh.Rohani as well?

Insyaalah, your salam is considered delivered.

GrandmaK said...

Looks as if a wonderful time was had by all!! Have a wonderful day! CAthy

RoyalTLady said...

Hi Cathy,

Eiiii great to see you. Sorry I have not been a regular visitor as of late. Yesss, we did. Thanks.