Thursday, January 14, 2010


Gracefully, gently, the thread weaved through this chiffon fabric with turquoise  beads held by the long thin flexible needle.  As always, excitement over-ruled my not-so-creative mind.  After taking a long look figuring out how and where to begin, I just told myself, start off somewhere and it would surely look good.  The over-crowded fabric design downplayed my already limited "amateur" capabilities.
With my "mini market" offers ranges of colors, I went through them all and that was the closest I had spotted.
A neat beginning.

Next I was to pick light purple color and voila!  Happily I sewed them as I like.  Getting more excited and sewing like on an F1 track...

Realizing  the massive lilac lines were still untapped, I ventured there excitedly.  Flickering beads suddenly filling up empty spaces and I was happy because I thought I had accomplished something.  BUT as soon as I took some pictures, there I was... blinking endlessly, alone in my workshop... (my bedroom) and you may guess where the work is done!  The camera obviously couldn't tell what they are!

So, I decided to unpick the purple beads.  What's left were the turquoise  See the thread hanging loosely?  They were the tangled threads that I had to cut while sewing.  Intended to tie them into knots later.. 

After leaving bare minimum of lilac, I went further to fill the outlines... just in case this time it works wonders.
So much unpicking done.  Luckily the fabric did not give way...  I was extremely careful no to shear the fabric... otherwise, there goes my brand new garment.
  This  similar design was taken from different angels.

And obviously the design was extremely busy and over crowded.

Not quite satisfied with the sewing, I went round the flower and put more beads.  Now they look  like a bursting of fire work kind of thingy. All these had happened within these three weeks. 
The sewing, unpicking, re-threading, un this un that... oooooooooooo!  I just couldn't contemplate when I could wear this garment.

NOW, the busy design no longer look "much admired"... sob, sob, sob... more unpicking were done... so, now it' s hanging on the cloth hanger incomplete.

Dissatisfaction  arose!
I took another plunge at those sleeves.  I chose extremely dark green beads and finished off within two hours.

BUT the garment is still not wearable... I am still thinking how to finish off... perhaps... unpick everything on the body... What do you think?


Queenmothermamaw said...

Dear Lady, the whole thing is so beautiful to me, I have no idea how it should look to you. I do understand the "does not look right" concept. I have to unpick my crochet project many times, even as with me, other think it looks fine. blessings

azahar said...

Dear TLady, your story brought back memories of how I first learnt or more exact struggled to do many types of stitches after surgery.

There was this blanket stich for closing the skin, lamert stitch and so on..

When the space to work was very small, we have to use our fingers to do the stiches...

RoyalTLady said...

Ha ha haaaaa,

There goes! So, I also have pals going through similar episodes,eh?


I am onto another garment for the time being... but I just venture on its sleeves ... even then, they turned crooked and already six times unpicked.

blessing from me to QMM and Dr.