Monday, January 11, 2010


POOR BEADER!!!!!!!!!
This little flower was not much of a problem. It's a bit isolated and spread over the garment. But whatever happened, I just love this dark green beads that I bought much earlier just in case I need them later. WELL, now I could use them.

It has been quite a while since my last quiet retreat into my beading land... excited with abundance of beads in my needlecraft basket (which I had bought on impulse),

new garments presented by my sister plus extra hands around to look after little Harith... I plunged into massive crowded design without much thoughts.

My little mini "shop" happened to offer just the right colors for these flowers... so there I was. This last picture is one of those final one that I accepted after much sewing and unpicking. There was only a packet of dark green beads. So I had to unpick from the crowded ones and distribute them fairly well...
Finally I got to wear this garment at a wedding a couple of weeks ago. It turned out simple and fairly attractive (by my standard that is).

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