Saturday, June 21, 2008


One fine morning the phone rang. It gave such a nice feeling of ticklish down your goes...>

Hello, could I speak to ...Mdm...?

Yes, this is her speaking. May I help you Sir?

I learned that your company is doing ID? Is that right?

Yes Sir. Anything Sir?

Oh we are from Mont Sinclair, have you heard of us? We are organizing an Interior Exhibition soon at the Convention Center and we would like to invite you

Yes, I have...O? Thank you for inviting

May I know how many ID personnels have you got in your company?

After thinking out loud, real loud!...(long enough) to give a sensible and honest answer...

Sir, at the moment...there is only ME left. The rest have gone and they are freelancing now.

Never mind, I would like you to come to our exhibition in July. So there is only you doing this in your company? I would send you our invitation card soon.

YYYYYYYYYes, for the moment, yyyyyes. Thank you again and I shall be looking forward to receiving your invitation card.

You are welcome and hope to see you at the exhibition, don't miss it. Bye, bye. Have a good day.

Thank you , same to you. Bye bye. was only me all long doing this from my company. What made him think that there were others doing ID from RDMSB? Perhaps it's the name and its size.....

I couldn't help but almost bursting into laughter while the phone conversation went on.....and of course smiling in amusement for a few moments more...(this incident happened a couple of weeks ago)


still s
miling now as I am writing this light moments of short story to share with you...tra la la la, la la!

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