Wednesday, July 13, 2011


4TH DAY in this new apartment.

Our belongings are still in boxes, suitcases and plastic bags.  We shall wait till this week end to sort out which are to remain intact, which ones going to Cyber Jaya, going back to campus in  Johore and following me to my new house.  Deep inside, especially after writing the previous post, I sensed the nostalgia.  I feel so deeply about those trees and plants I had left behind.  How I have wished that I could take them all with me  Though I told them that I couldn't bring them along, I felt chocked inside... they too must have missed me.  I believed this reciprocates. They grew for me, flowered for me and made me happy each day I woke up and looked out of my window. 

The ones in the Eastern side, would greet me as I drew the vertical blinds when night falls.  Lush green leaves greeted me each morning and evening.  I could see squirrels coming up the electrical cables to get their breakfast on a tall "unnamed" tree which provided them beautiful little fruits. I am sure they are sweet and succulent. 

But first, the birds started having their breakfast.  Chirpy sounds of big and small ones absolutely make my life just as cheery chirpy.  They were  very loud.  They came in all sorts of colors and sizes.  Slightly later, came the family of monkeys.  Jumping about racing through the branches cheekily, picking up little fruits.  Little ones would tease each other until a couple fell off to the fence down below.  Oooo what a sight.  I am missing them so much now.  The are not here with me any longer!

I occupy the room hidden away from the evening sunlight.  If I look out, I could only see well dusted windows of my neighbors' from my floor up.  If I look out of the lounge, I could see new wonders!  There is a hill nearby that looks almost "bald" from the work of those builders.  Yesterday I caught a glimpse of a beautiful sight of sunset.  Full view this time, so unlike the former house that hid it away amongst the trees.  At last, there is a good consolation point to mention here.  Alhamdulillah syukur to Allah for giving me this.  He is Forever The Most Fair and The Most High and Mighty.

Condominiums coming up!  The multi-storey is painted with beige color on its front.  I guess that must be the lobby area.  Only this morning I noticed them working on it as I was outside attending to my "little minute" garden. I was watering the plants, removing little unwelcoming shrubs that took a ride with us the other night.  I came across one little tiny snail.  Pressed it flat.  Instantly it died.  Cruel?  Nay. It has been eating my "bakawali" plants that was given by my good old friend JAM, till the leaves are gone.   A little while later, I saw its partner climbing up the light green wall, presumably going for a crawl.  I did not follow its journey.  I hope it was migrating to the floor up or the floor down below.  I transferred the deep purple "butterfly" plants into a pot.  The now empty pot is occupied  by beautifully-smelled pandan plants.  I arranged the pots according to the heights of the plants and eventually, got the floor cleaned.  Folding the newspaper that housed the shrubs I pulled out earlier, before taking a trip into the bin.  One obvious thing had pinched and wrestled in my heart.  In this new house I can no longer feed the chicken and the birds and the squirrels with my left overs.  They are to be well wrapped and thrown into the bins.  What a waste.

"Long-necks and short pipes" as Harith called them are seen busy working.  (Harith learned this from his little "books").  Lifting  heavy items up and into the floors above.  Noisy sounds from the machinery replacing the sweet sound of the birds in the morning.  From far I could see a man on a tractor doing his job, mixing sand with pebbles ready to be mixed into concrete.  Lorries and trailers carrying long metal rods were seen since last evening, climbing up the precariously- man-made rugged and uneven routes.  Another was heavily laden with bags of cement.  As I was watching, my thoughts went "home", the home that I have left behind,  everything I had there are in contrary to this new surrounding.  Life is changing as time flies.  It moves on no matter whether I like it or not.

The gray new brick forests are fast coming up.  I certainly hope they would not cut the hills that display and offer me the only greens from my balcony.  I feel like going up and tell the trees how glad I am to see them up there although they are very far.  The hill housed the workers make-shift-houses.  From a distance, I could see them walking about, hanging their laundry, going about working, some are up on the gray brick forests.  A few long-necks are parked below, close to my apartment.  Long-necks are Harith's terms for cranes!  LOL!

I feel like going out to mend my slightly crooked specks but... my pic (partner in crime) is so engrossed with her "Harry Porter" on her laptop.  I won't wish to spoil her moods.  She has been a Florence Nightingale since I was warded until now.  Its only fair that I should let her be on her own.  She had done three washings and now the hangings are right inside our house.  I just love the fresh smell from the "softener".  At the vary least, it blocked away my view from the construction site and the diesel smell form the heavy machinery.

When Tasha called this morning asking how I am today, she reminded me to take at least two weeks proper resting from normal house work, lifting up heavy things (Ops!, done) and a few others to which I replied:

"Thank you doctor for the info and reminding me.  It's 6 days after the surgery and I am only reminded now?"...LOl! I was giggling away and so did she.

(What had happened to the doctors attending to me less than a weak ago?  No one had told me anything except one lady doctor... "You will feel some discomfort after this"...)

Apparently, Harith was asking her "why was he not in aunty Zaza's house when he woke up this morning"?  He had refused to go home last night.  He wanted to sleep with all of us.  He managed to persuade his Mama to drive him here late last evening.  I know just how much he misses being with us.

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