Wednesday, July 13, 2011


LATE EVENING THE 11TH JULY, I braved myself walking behind Diyanah and Hafiz, turning right into the lift which is only a couple of feet away from our main door and down to the car park seven floors down.  There appeared to be no one else around.  I guess some have gone out working while others are out and about running errands like us.  The opposite lane was still empty but five minutes after we left the guard house and as we got into the Mont Kiara-Solaris area, traffics began to snail crawl.  The obvious crawl was eminent at the inter-change from Bukit Kiara, Seri Hartamas and Mont Kiara.  Patiently we slowly got into bumper-to-bumper-drive.  Could this be a normal scene daily? Probably... except on Saturdays and Sundays.

I am not taking my last look in this journey to our old home, am sure.  As soon we reached No, 1 Jalan 16/10, Petaling Jaya, Harith came out to greet us with his widest grin ever.  He held my hand, gave me a huge hug and kisses. Missing me terribly, am sure.  Just as much as I miss him ,his cries, his hunger, his jokes, his singing and everything!  

"Wan, don't take off your slippers. Come on inside with them on!"  said he.
"Harith, do you miss me?  A lot?", I asked and he nodded vigorously.
There were still some belongings that the movers did not take along as the lorry was full.  They would surely fit into these three cars and perhaps another trip would complete the task.  Plants?  Oh dear!  Not everything could come along.  There is only a ten-feet balcony waiting to welcome my pots.  Much to my dismay, with a sinking heart, helplessly looking ... I just silently bade good bye to them all.  I took a last look at my hellyconeas (urgh!  I cannot find the correct spelling) which were blooming in red-yellows in rows and rows.  I did not take any pictures of them!!! Shame.  Deep inside I felt chocked!

After our last photo-shoot session in the house, we left with the left-overs that filled up our two cars.  One more car went its separate way.  Tasha and her family went for a two-month-transit to her in-laws which are not so far from her work place.  Harith gave me a few huge hugs and one "little hug" and lots of kisses.  I now miss him terribly.  He was heard saying that he loved this house and did not want to move out.  

It was a huge house (only by my standard... not others)... with a huge compound but no one could enjoy the space.  Outside, sharing our yard,  were huge mosquitoes, surrounded by huge and small trees and of course the old faithful wild monkeys that came by once in a while looking for food.  Not forgetting also, there is a family of lizards, a family of squirrels, a family of wild chicken, stray cats and dogs, some exotic birds and bees. My lush plants left behind were going to be "cleared" soon to make way for the new tenant... Huge pots that wouldn't go into the cars were left behind too.  I hope someone would continue taking care of them just like how I did.

WE MOVED ON.  By 11:00p.m a few potted plants found their way into our new apartment.  Was I happy?  Obviously. Thank God for making this possible.  I took a peep to see "who" came to join me here...and then I went off to bed. 

I MISS THEM ALL... and now I shall lock in my memory every little bit that went through with me from July 2006 - July 2011... I shall ponder sweetly upon them especially the left behind plants that share my happiness and joys...  There goes the dwelling that used to shelter us from the sun, rains, hailstones, thunders, lightnings and everything.  I MISS the trees around me, the lush green of the grass that smells fresh and crisp in the early mornings, the chirpy birds from sun up till sun down, the sunset from behind the leaves and I shall miss everything that have been part of my life and that have walked into ME.

Thank you Allah for making it possible for me and my family to live a full five years life in this dwelling which has left us countless memories.  It was extremely convenient, centrally located with very pleasant surroundings.  Not forgetting the obvious fact that we were just a few minutes drive to the wet market, hyper market, the university campus, Harith's kindergarten  and the medical centers.

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